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About Steve Argyle

Steven Argyle rides whatever bike he can scrounge. Currently, he's riding an old Specialized Rockhopper 21-speed hardtail.

At left, Steve is sliding down a slimy February slope on the Corner Canyon South Mountain loop, with Jackie in pursuit.

b-corn7.jpg (33412 bytes)

covrches.jpg (23503 bytes) Steve works as a commercial artist, specializing in creation of fantasy art on computer. Chances are, if you watch movies or play video games, you've seen his work. At right is the box-cover he designed for Mad Scientist Software's Chest Pain Simulator.

Steve is an excellent guitarist. A bundle of talent, his art projects -- ink, airbrush, and water colors -- have won many awards.

Steve is the oldest son of Bruce. He lives in Highland with his wife Kat.

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