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I'm checking out the moss on this tree

Jack Russell terrier
May 6, 1998 - July 12, 2014

Jackie was born in Rose Canyon and came to Alpine a couple of months later. Her home was the oak-brush foothill area of Alpine's Dry Creek Canyon, looking up at Lone Peak and Box Elder Peak. She lived to the old dog age of 16, and only started to slow down in her last year.

Jackie at the base of a fir tree on the Phelps Canyon trail in the Lone Peak Wilderness, just 1/2 mile from her home.

From the age of four months, Jackie ran behind Bruce's bike as he explored the trails that eventually became Lambert Park. Later she explored trails all around the state. She was the ultimate trail dog. 

Jackie patrols for cougars while Kristen, Jessica, and Alex hike near their home.

Hiking up the trail in March. I love to play in snow!

Do I look a little dirty here? Jackie was a Jack Russell terrier of the long-coat, long-leg variety. Jack Russells love to run and are almost tireless. Their small mass and white coat lets them zoom along while other dogs are stopped by the summer heat.

Jackie takes a break in Fort Canyon on a 16-mile ride of the old Alpine Perimeter Trail.

Jackie was a great family dog. She loved little kids. But she was very slow to warm up to other dogs. As long as they ignored her, she was fine. But she'd go after a 100-pound brute if it acted friendly.

Jackie waits for some turkey tetrazinni to cook on the shore of Echo Reservoir as she travels the Rail Trail with Bruce and Alex.

The Rail Trail was smooth. I like the bumpy twisty trails.

Hot dog! The Pipeline Trial is 14 miles. Up to the last year of her life, Jackie would do about 100 miles a month on the trail. Her top speed was 22 miles per hour. Her biggest day was at age eleven:  37 miles and 4700 vertical feet on the Strawberry Ridge.

Jackie poses with Bruce at the viewpoint of the Pipeline Trail.

Jackie was a sucker for Powerbars and Cliff Bars. She'd mooch little pieces from the kids as they rode paved family trails with Jackie running alongside. Peanut butter was her favorite flavor.

Jackie gets a bit of Powerbar from Kristen on the Jordan River Parkway near Thanksgiving Point.

The more bikers there are, the more Powerbar I can mooch!

He's not really hurt. He's just pretending.

Jackie was in show business. Like one of her relatives, Wishbone. And there's Eddie, on Frazier. And "My Dog Skip."  All Jack Russells. Jackie became one of Utah's most recognized dogs as she ran in biking videos and posed for photos on trails around Utah. Every ride, bikers would stop Bruce and Jackie on the trail to say hello, because they'd seen Jackie in her "starring roles."

This photo was the title page of a first-aid instructional CD.

We have an article on this website about training a trail dog. Here's the link.

Dogs aren't allowed on some trails. In other areas, you have to wear a leash! So if you like to run behind a bike, you'd better check the rules first. For example, here's a site that lists trails for dogs in the Salt Lake area:

Good picture for a Christmas card, don't you think?

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