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Biking Fitness:  Strengthening the Legs

Step-ups with dumb bells. Use a bench or step 15 to 20+ inches high depending on your height and level of fitness. When performing this exercise avoid the tendency to use both legs to hop up on the step and dropping to the floor thereafter. Think of the exercise as a one-leg press to the top of the box or bench and then slowly lower your body to the floor. You can do sets one leg at a time, or you can alternate legs during reps, depending on what variety you want on that day during your training cycle. (Main body parts worked…legs)


RDL (roman dead lift). RDL’s are exercises for the hamstrings and lower back. It is important to maintain correct body position throughout the lift in order to avoid injury. Start the exercise by holding the barbell or straight bar about shoulder width apart. While keeping the natural curve of your back, bend at the waist with your knees slightly bent. Bend until you feel a good stretch in your hamstrings. Return to the start position. (Main body parts worked…lower back, hamstrings)

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Back squat. Keep your chest up, eyes up, keep your knees and your toes inline shoulder width apart. Descend in a controlled manner until your thigh and shin make a 90-degree angle or until the top of your leg becomes parallel to the floor, depending on your comfort level. Then press the weight up continuing good body position to the start position (main body parts worked…legs)


Lunges. There are many variations that can be done with lunges but the basic movement is this. Step out 2-3 feet. Lower your body with your chest up, eyes forward until your trailing knee is just off the floor. Keep your knee in line with your ankle to decrease the pressure on the joint. Rise up until your legs are straight or to a standing position, depending on the variation that you are doing. (Main body parts worked…legs)


Heel raises. Stand with your heels hanging off the edge of a step or box. Lower your heel past the edge of the box until you feel a good stretch then press all the way to the top. (Main body parts worked…calves)

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