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Treadstone area trails
"Knoll" area trails (Backspacer, Creed, Given to Fly, Nirvana, Deer Tracks)

The knoll in the Treadstone area sits in the middle of the main Eagle Mountain riding area. Many other trails connect to Treadstone, making it a main access route into the heart of Eagle Mountain. The trail is easier-intermediate in technical requirement. For connections to Eagle Mountain trails to the east and south, see the Lake Mountain page.

View north. Initial photos and ride review by Bruce on July 9, 2016. Update for Creed and Nirvana December 29, 2017. Update for Given to Fly and Backspacer April 14, 2018.

The Treadstone trail is 3.8 miles long. Individual section have their own names, which may be confusing to you. For example the first section from the parking lot is called Behind the Boathouse. If you see a trail marker that confuses you, continue on to the next trail intersection or crossing. Chances are, you'll see a trail sign there that says Treadstone. If not, get out the map or your cell phone and figure out where you really are.

Southbound on the Behind the Boathouse section of Treadstone. The trailhead is just out of sight to the right of the homes.

Treadstone delivers you to the other area trails. As you head uphill from parking, you'll reach the bottom of Given to Fly, then the south end of Creed. At the prayer flags, Nirvana heads westbound, offering connections to the top of Given to Fly and Backspacer. As you descend Treadstone southbound, Deer Tracks connects down to the Race Loop staging area, Cow Tracks, and the doubletrack access to Jackrabbit. On the far south, Treadstone ends at the north end of Deadwood.

Looking north toward Eagle Mountain itself. That's actually the Bingham Canyon copper mine tailings you can see on the ridgeline.

Treadstone Trail

In 2016 the Treadstone Trail was added to the Eagle Mountain trails in the Hidden Canyon area. Treadstone is 3.8 miles long with an altitude gain of 400 feet (from a base of 5000 at the parking area off Pony Express Parkway).

Treadstone offers both new loop ride options and an extension or variation of pre-existing loops. The riding season is March through December, weather permitting. The riding is suitable for intermediates, but will be satisfying cranking for hammerheads.

The famous Prayer Flags of Eagle Mountain are at the Treadstone Trail's highest point. On a Saturday morning, you'll find plenty of local bikers hitting this trail system.

Note January 2018: Sections of Treadstone are signed with various names (in addition to the main trail name). These include Billy Idol, Cougar Tracks, Behind the Boathouse). 

The tread is narrow hand-cut singletrack, with constant wiggles, dips, and turns. If you're looking for a fast emergency route back to town, this is NOT it. This trail goes all over the place, back and forth. (There's an ATV track that takes one mile to put you in the same spot your bike will reach after 3.3 miles.) It climbs around, then over, a small hill west of the parking area, then descends north on the backside of the hill.

Climbing along the parched south-facing hillside shortly after leaving Deadwood.

Treadstone lies at the northwest corner of Eagle Mountain's Race Loop, but isn't actually part of the loop. It's not directly connected to the Mountain Ranch Bike Park trail system. It's the main access route for multiple trails in the main riding area. From the Pony Express Pkwy trailhead, it heads up and over a small mountain, then descends to the Deadwood trail. On the way, it touches Creed, Given to Fly, Nirvana (which is your route to the top of Given to Fly and Backspacer), and Deer Tracks.

The trail winds back and forth constantly. Bruce is eastbound on the southern side of the hill.


Many riders going clockwise on the Race Loop trails will fork onto the southern portion of Treadstone after they finish Deadwood (instead of turning onto dirt road). After riding 3/4 mile on Treadstone, fork right onto Deer Tracks and drop to the trailhead. This singletrack route is only slightly longer than the 3/4 mile of dirt road on the official race loop. But it's a lot more fun and scenic.

We've turned around the mountain, looking down at the parking area for the Race Loop. Plenty of parking, but bring your own shade and water. Also, a potty if you'll need one.

For riders who are looking for just a few miles, consider starting at the Race Loop trailhead. Climb Deer Tracks then take Treadstone to its north end on the Hidden Canyon road. To get back, you'll climb south on the doubletrack for one mile, gaining 200 vertical. This loop is 3.7 miles with 400 feet of overall climbing.

Eagle Mountain is a great spot for winter riding. Here Bruce hits Treadstone just south of Creed on December 29th. This spot is part of the trail  also carries the name "Supersonic."


With the addition of Creed, Nirvana, Given to Fly and Backspacer, many riders will use Treadstone as their launching spot. Start at the Pony Express Parkway lot. The first section of Treadstone is called Behind the Boathouse. Find it by backtracking to the paved trail along the road. Head east 100 feet, then veer to the right. Keep right when Hidden Canyon forks uphill.

The downhill side (assuming you're riding south-to-north) is fast, with banked turns and some straighter sections.

Creed Trail

Creed is 1.4 miles in length, spanning between the Treadstone trail (after it descends off the hill northbound) and the Pony Express Parkway. The trail climbs up and over a hill -- whichever direction you ride it. The climbing is around 250 vertical feet. 

Heading away from the Pony Express Parkway on a north-to-south ride on Creed in late December 2017.

The trail can be done either direction, but it rides much better from south (from Treadstone) to north (at the Parkway). The southern end is about 50 vertical feet higher than the northern end, so there's a bit less climbing to get to the top of the hill. Also, there are turns and drops on the north face of the hill that are easy to descend but difficult to climb.

Jumps and drops are of modest size, and all have easy ride-arounds.

On the southern end, Creed starts by forking away from Treadstone just before it reaches a doubletrack at a field of winter wheat in the valley. If you're riding Treadstone, turn left at this unmarked trail fork. After about 100 yards westbound, the trail will turn north, cross the valley, then begin climbing the small hill.

There are open views of the mountains as the trail twists back and forth. That's Timpanogos straight ahead of my bike.

To start from the northern end, park in the open area along the road east of Hidden Valley Elementary School. Take the sidewalk, then paved path, west along the Pony Express Parkway until you spot the trail on the hill to your left. In 2017, you'll need to rattle through some cobble decoration to reach the trail above it, because there's no formal trail connection here. Your second chance is a direct uphill connector at the (temporary) end of the paved path.

A bermed turn hugs the slope above the subdivision and elementary school to the northeast.

Turns are bermed for speed, and there are plenty of spots to launch. But the trail is OK for an early intermediate rider.

Cresting the top of the hill, with the Oquirrh Mountains to the west behind me.

Creed Trail and the northern end of Treadstone...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Nirvana Trail

Nirvana starts from the highest point of the Treadstone trail and descends to the Pony Express Parkway over 2.2 miles. The elevation loss will be 320 feet (starting from 5300 altitude). Nirvana is also your route to Given to Fly and Backspacer. Although thought of as a descent, Nirvana is also a good climbing route.

The trail starts at the "prayer flag pole." In December 2017, the connection isn't obvious. If you don't see a trail fork, just walk your bike over to the opposite side of the flags and find the trail heading south.

Little Rocky rests against the flagpole at the top of Nirvana. (The Treadstone trail is just out of sight 10 feet behind my bike.)

Once you drop off the top of the hill and cross a jeep road, the trail becomes almost pure dirt. It rode pretty smooth for a brand-new trail. As it heads west, then north, the trail stays in the wild stuff above the dry-farm in the valley. I didn't find anything scary or tricky. Nirvana is a swoop and whoop type of trail.

Dirt ribbon descends through old burned trees. The homogenous-looking area in the valley is the dry farm.

There will be a little bit of climbing when the trail turns into a little valley. You'll turn to the south and climb about 80 vertical feet to a higher level on the hill before resuming the northward journey. As you reach Pony Express Parkway, turn right and pedal the dirt ATV path along the road until you reach the paved bike path.

Climbing Nirvana. At the trail fork on the ridge, we'll head left toward the prayer flags.

Given to Fly

Given to Fly is two-directional, but you'll like it more as a downhill. As a climber, it's mellow and easy at first, then reaches a plunge (which you're trying to pedal UP) with a couple of rock drops that will probably have you pushing your bike. The trail is 1.4 miles with 350 vertical feet of altitude change. The steep spots make Given to Fly an upper-intermediate trail, although most of the trail is quite easy.

The bottom half of Given to Fly is very smooth and easy to ride, with minimal grade. If you're riding it uphill, things will get substantially more difficult on the second half.

As an uphill:
The north (bottom) end of Given to Fly forks away from Treadstone as you complete the Behind the Boathouse section and cross the meadow. Keep straight here as Treadstone forks left uphill in the Supersonic section, then cross over the Creed connector heading southwest.

Climbing Given to Fly, with a few homes of Eagle Mountain visible behind me.

As a downhill:
You can reach the top of Given to Fly via Nirvana. As you approach the prayer flags at the top of Treadstone southbound, veer right (west). After 0.2 miles, keep left as Nirvana forks up and over the ridge northbound.

At mile 0.5 from the prayer flags, fork to the right uphill and over the ridge northbound to stay on Given to Fly. (Downhill and left is Backspacer.)

Westbound while riding Given to Fly downhill. In 0.2 miles from the trail's origin on the ridgeline, keep right to cross over to the north side of the mountain.


Backspacer is primarily done as a downhill. But it rides well in either direction. It extends from Given to Fly (around 1/4 mile from the trail's origin) down to the bottom of Deadwood. It crosses Treadstone on the way downhill.

Dropping into the first turn on the downhill as Backspacer begins. The trail fork is at the left edge of the photo. Right-hand fork over the ridge if Given to Fly. Downhill and left is Backspacer.


Backspacer is only 0.7 miles long. The vertical drop is around 200 feet. The trail isn't particularly technical. This is an easy descent. There is one dip through the wash that beginning riders will want to walk. Near the bottom of Backspacer is a trail fork for Cropduster, a popular option.

Rolling into a turn shortly after crossing Treadstone on the way down.

At the end of Backspacer, you can head south on Deadwood, north and uphill on Treadstone, or east on the race doubletrack.

As a climbing route, Backspacer has slow and steady altitude gain, without any particular challenges. It's a great alternative route if you're at the north end of Deadwood and want to take the fastest route up to the prayer flags.

Handlebar view as I drop through the wash near the end of Backspacer.

Deer Tracks Trail

Treadstone can be reached quickly from the Race Loop's trailhead via Deer Tracks. The Deer Tracks trail forks westbound away from the dirt road just where you enter the parking area. It climbs gently 0.2 miles to intercept Treadstone at mile 0.75 from Deadwood. Like Treadstone, it's narrow singletrack.

Just uphill from the trailhead, we're heading southwest.

Deer Tracks is also a quick connection to the Mountain Ranch trail system's Cow Tracks trail. From Cow Tracks, veer a bit rightish then hold straight as you cross the branching doubletracks at the top of the race parking zone. As you reach the westmost doubletrack, heading southsouthwest, watch for the singletrack forking uphill on your right.

From Treadstone, descend Deer Tracks then cross the open area veering slightly left toward an ATV track. Just uphill on the ATV track, Cow Tracks is on your left.

Almost to the connection spot, heading west, with miles of Great Basin in view.

Sampler of Eagle Mountain Trails...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Riding notes, Treadstone Loop from Pony Express:
0.0   Intersection Pony Express Pkwy and Hidden Valley Pkwy
        East on paved trail (south side of Pony Express)
        100 feet, singletrack uphill on the right
        N40 21.344 W111 59.483
0.7   Cross DT N40 21.069 W111 59.065
        100 feet, then fork R (to Cow Tracks)
        N40 21.049 W111 59.032
        50 feet, cross DT N40 21.038 W111 59.036
1.0   Keep R for Cow Tracks (L = Ridgeline ST)
        N40 20.943 W111 58.911
1.6   R on DT N40 20.597 W111 58.592
        100 ft across to far west side
(1.6 continued)
       R uphill on ST (Deer Tracks)
        N40 20.563 W111 58.613
1.8   R on Treadstone
        N40 20.486 W111 58.730
4.0   Trail turns N (future ST fork?)
4.2   ST joins dirt road N40 21.001 W111 59.320
4.3   Keep L and join main dirt road
        N40 21.053 W111 59.329
4.5   Straight down pavement
4.7   Back at Pony Express
Getting there:
Take the I-15 Lehi Main Street exit and turn west. Continue west on SR-73, crossing Redwood Road (11600 West). Continue westbound uphill. Just after climbing the hill, turn left at the stop light onto The Ranches Parkway. At Pony Express Parkway, turn right. The road will veer a bit south (left), then back west (right) as you get one mile from Ranches Parkway. After you pass a large hill on your left, just before Hidden Hollow Elementary, take the next left. (Note: as of 2020, there is no longer primitive parking near the elementary school and construction may block access. See below. You may need to get creative to find a roadside spot.)

Behind the Boathouse (Treadstone) and Hidden Canyon trails:  The paved trail eastbound directly along Pony Express will take you to singletrack. Keep right for Treadstone, left uphill for Hidden Canyon.

Creed:  Cross the road and go to the sidewalk along the parkway heading west. In 0.25 miles, spot the trail on the hillside to your left and cross the decorative patch of chunk rock to get there.

Race Loop trailhead:  After turning off Pony Express Parkway, go uphill to the end of the pavement and it will become Hidden Canyon road. Stay southbound on the dirt road. Keep generally left and heading southeast at all road forks, staying just below the slope of the hill on your left. When you reach the broad valley and see a bunch of competing road forks at mile 1.3 from Pony Express Parkway, you're there. (Note 2020: ongoing construction may often make it impossible to get through to the Race Loop trailhead.)

Mountain Ranch trailhead:  You can also pedal to the trail from the Mountain Ranch bike park. Instead of turning onto Pony Express, stay Ranches Parkway as it narrows and begins to wind around. When you come to a T intersection at the end of The Ranches Parkway, turn right on Golden Eagle Road. Drive about 1/3 mile and watch for the trail kiosk on your left. Park by the trail kiosk and begin your ride by climbing up the trail heading south.

Riding resources for this trail:
Single-page riding guide
GPS track files and route (right-click and "Save as..."):
      Creed track    Nirvana track
      Simple Treadstone Loop   Larger loop from Pony Express
      Biggest Loop w Race Course, from town
      Multi-track GPX area file
High-res area topo map for printing:   View topo
Lodging, camping, shops:    Links to Provo area resources

Bathrooms:  None at Hidden Canyon. Porta-Potty at the Mountain Ranch Bike Park.
Water:  None.
Camping:  No developed or designated campgrounds. Flat spots can be found in the trailhead race-staging area.
Bike services:  UtahMountainBiking store in Lehi.

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