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Twilight Zone to Petrified Whales lariat ride 
The Three Peaks Trail System has loops of varying length and difficulty, and a technical rock area that's definitely worth your attention. This trail system is located just northwest of Cedar City at the Three Peaks recreation area, at an altitude of 5800 feet. This page describes a newer ride using the Twilight Zone trail to reach the technical "Whale Trails."  Riding season is late April through November.
Riding notes, Twilight Zone to Whales lariat:
0.0  Through fence at kiosk, go L
        N37 46.017 W113 10.084
0.2   L on Twilight Zone
        N37 46.137 W113 10.146
0.3   Fork R (L = cutoff)
        N37 46.107 W113 10.197
0.55 Fork L (R = Race Loop joining)
        N37 46.236 W113 10.279
0.6   Cross R to singletrack
        N37 46.210 W113 10.302
0.7   Cross main road N37 46.192 W113 10.364
0.8   Another road
1.0   Keep R (L = Cutoff to parking)
        N37 45.914 W113 10.370
1.1   Cross road, veer R through rock to ST
        N37 45.891 W113 10.354
        (If you're on ATV track, go back!)
2.5   Cross road to primitive RV camp
        N37 45.562 W113 11.129
2.8   R on Jumbled Jonah
        N37 45.353 W113 11.134
3.0   R on Petrified Whales
        N37 45.347 W113 11.242
3.05 R (L = Moby Dick)
        N37 45.375 W113 11.262
3.5   L on Three Peaks Loop
        N37 45.379 W113 11.568
3.55 L on Petrified Whales
        N37 45.344 W113 11.583
3.7   Keep straight (Four Loco on R)
        N37 45.223 W113 11.552
3.8   Fork R (L = Humpback)
        N37 45.171 W113 11.472
4.2   Fork R (L = Humpback again)
        N37 45.247 W113 11.348
4.3   R on Jumbled Jonah
        N37 45.286 W113 11.251
4.6   R on Twilight Zone 
        N37 45.353 W113 11.134
7.4   Back at parking
Getting there: Just north of Cedar City, take the Enoch/Minersville I-15 exit #62. Go north on U-130 (towards Minersville) 2.6 miles, then turn left on Midvalley Road. Drive 6 miles straight west. Pass the "welcome area" which is the first turnout. Now watch for the sign indicating the Mountain Bike Trailhead. Turn right on a gravel road into the trailhead. The ride starts behind the kiosk and the picnic table.

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