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Taj Mahal Loop Ride
The Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, and Ouch trails lie northeast of the more popular Timpanogos foothill trails at the mouth of Provo Canyon. These trails are primitive and often hard to ride. Only adventurous experts should attempt this loop. The ride starts from Canyon Glen, makes a big loop west-to-east on Taj Mahal, with a DH cutoff bypassing Dragon's Back on the way down. This ride is 6.5 miles with 1600 feet of climbing.
Riding notes, Taj Majal loop from Canyon Glen:
0.0   Cross Provo River N40 19.771 W111 37.277
0.1   R on Provo River Parkway
        N40 19.814 W111 37.289
0.2   L on BST ST N40 19.901 W111 37.266
0.35 Join benchcut then L uphill
        N40 19.899 W111 37.264
        (R and level = east to Nunn's)
0.6   Keep L (R = Johnson's Hole)
        N40 19.909 W111 37.390
1.4   Keep L (R = Johnson's Hole)
        N40 20.122 W111 38.220
1.5   Around gate, up DT to Bench Road
        L on Bench Road N40 20.170 W111 38.254
1.8   R uphill on Frank (Trail 33)
        N40 20.184 W111 38.549
2.7   Altar. R uphill on Little Baldy 33
        N40 20.632 W111 39.060
2.9   R on Taj Mahal N40 20.766 W111 38.891
3.05 R and downhill (L = Ouch)
        N40 20.777 W111 38.757
4.2   Straight and R (L = Ouch)
        N40 20.622 W111 37.756
5.0   R on DT N40 20.398 W111 37.102
5.4   Straight on Bench Road
        N40 20.192 W111 37.158
5.8   L on ST N40 20.138 W111 37.387
6.1   L at Johnson's Hole trail and
        L to BST downhill N40 19.909 W111 37.390
6.5   Back at parking
Getting there, Canyon Glen: Use this trailhead if you plan to ride counter-clockwise or out-and-back. Note that if you ride this direction there are some granny-gear climbs that are a bit loose. Exit I-15 on Orem's 800 North and drive straight towards the mountains. Keep left to enter Provo Canyon. About 3 miles later, you'll see the parking area for Canyon Glen on your left. Go across the bridge to the Parkway. Turn right, and find the GWT on your left about 200 feet later, forking uphill just before the paved parkway curves around a rock outcrop.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk!
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