Klondike to Sovereign
This is a 14.5 mile lariat loop starting at the Klondike Bluffs parking area on Highway 191, 15 miles north of Moab. After a mile on the dirt road, it follows Sovereign Singletrack south to Cedar Mountain, then loops around for the return. Views are few. Surface is dirt singletrack with occasional areas of open rock. The loop at the end can be done either direction.
Klondike to Cedar Mountain Loop, ride notes:
0.0   Park on 191, ride on Klondike Bluffs Rd
N38 44.453 W109 44.030
1.0   R on DT
N38 45.227 W109 43.770
1.2   R on Sovereign Singletrack
N38 45.048 W109 43.677
3.2   Cross DT
N38 44.597 W109 42.800
4.1   L along old DT
N38 44.124 W109 42.548
4.2   Straight onto Cedar Mountain
N38 44.093 W109 42.407
5.9   Keep straight onto DT in wash
N38 44.600 W109 41.352
6.0   R on ST
N38 44.655 W109 41.313
6.8   Keep R, Sovereign ST
N38 44.084 W109 41.019
8.7   Keep R (L = Brushy Basin)
N38 43.420 W109 42.457
9.0   Cross DT
N38 43.546 W109 42.512
10.2 L to stay on Sovereign
N38 44.093 W109 42.407
13.2 L on DT
N38 45.048 W109 43.677
13.4 L on dirt road
N38 45.227 W109 43.770
14.5 Back at parking
Getting there, Klondike Bluffs Parking:
From the north, Klondike Bluffs Road is 15 miles south of I-70. Find the Klondike Bluffs parking lot just off the side of the highway. Start the ride by pedaling up the gravel road.

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