Bikers cross the vast expanses of Navajo sandstoneSlickrock Trail
This famous Moab 10.6 mile loop twists and rolls through Navajo sandstone to a breathtaking view over the Colorado River. This trail is advanced technical, but is nonetheless ridden by a lot of minimally-skilled bikers -- they just walk the tough parts. There's a practice loop, short and non-scary, designed for beginning rock riders. Many bikers ride the practice loop on the way out to the main loop. If so, add 2 miles. There are some spurs to viewpoints. These are marked with dots on the rock (the trail is marked with dashes).
Riding notes, clockwise loop:
0.2   L for main trail (R = practice loop)
1.6   Practice loop rejoins main trail
2.1   View over the Abyss
2.8   Fork for loop; L is easier
3.7   Up onto Swiss Cheese Ridge
4.2   Viewpoint, turn north
4.7   Another great viewpoint
Fairly long descent
7.2   Shrimp Rock
8.6   At loop fork, turn L
9.8   Practice loop, keep R
10.6 Parking
Powerful thighs are a must!
Slickrock Trail Map

Getting there: The Slickrock Trail begins on the Sand Flats Road, reached by turning left off Moab's main drag onto 300 South, then right when the road ends, then second left. From the entry gate (where you pay your fee), drive about 0.6 mile. You'll see a large parking lot on the left, with bathrooms (but no water.)

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