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Skyline Drive - Bountiful Peak
The Skyline Drive is a rocky dirt road that travels from Farmington Canyon up to Bountiful Peak, then down to the Bountiful foothills. Starting at an altitude of 4550 feet, it climbs to 9150 feet -- a worthy vertical change of 4600 feet! The ride is 24 miles, and is approximately 12 miles continuous uphill then 12 miles continuous downhill in either direction. The ride features beautiful forest and fantastic views. A nice optional ride is the Farmington Flats loop, a dirt road on the Farmington side of Bountiful Peak.
Ride Notes, Farmington to Bountiful:
0.0   Zero odometer at Bench Road 
        (gravel road on R about 0.5 miles up canyon)
        N 40 60.000' W 111 52.750'
0.8   Road turns to dirt, parking for optional trailhead on R
4.5   Campground (bathrooms)
7.3   Fork R  (L = return from Farmington Flats Loop)
        N 40 59.235' W 111 47.986'
7.9   Fork R  (L = Farmington Flats)
        N 40 58.863' W 111 48.264'
11.8 Bountiful Peak, admire view then begin descent
        N 40 57.821' W 111 49.243'  Alt = 9150
15.3 Fork R  (L = Sessions Mountains)
        N 40 55.771' W 111 47.588'
18.8 Keep R (L = Old Ward Canyon Rd)
        N 40 54.678' W 111 49.425'
23.9 Bottom of the Skyline Drive
Return options for Loop:
Pavement:  head downhill to main street and just keep heading north. After around 8 miles, at 600 North in Farmington, turn R uphill, then R on 100 East.
Bountiful Bench:  this trail is still being worked on (9/02). Head downhill and east, find doubletrack heading north (I found it at intersection of Davis Blvd and Northern Hills Dr at 900 North). When faced with trail forks, keep as close to straight north as possible, and when there are more than one reasonable "straight" option, stay uphill. Follow singletracks into the first two canyons. I made it 7 miles, had to go down to pavement in construction zone with 1 mile to go.
Getting there, Farmington:  Exit I-15 in Farmington. Get to the corner of 600 North and 100 East. (The most direct route there was blocked by construction at the time of my visit 9/02.) Turn north (left if you're going up the hill) on 100 East. Keep right at the fork. Park on the left just past the fork (trail information sign) GPS N 40 59.808' W 111 53.060', or go up to the parking area on the Bench Road (on your right another 0.4 miles from the fork) at GPS N 40 60.000' W 111 52.750'.
Bountiful Trailhead:
  From I-15, take the Bountiful 400 North Exit and head east towards the mountains. Turn on left on 1300 East, which will curve around east to become paved Skyline Drive. This road will turn R to become Eagle Ridge Drive. About 0.1 mile after the road turns to dirt (directly under the big "B" on the mountain, it will turn sharply left and begin climbing the hill. GPS N 40 53.739' W 111 50.752'.

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