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Rim Rock Trail
Includes Rim Runner, Rim Rambler, and Rim Reaper Trails in the Santa Clara River Preserve)
The Rim Rock trail system is part of the Santa Clara River Preserve, lying across Cove Wash from the more well-known Barrel Roll trail. The riding here is a little more technical, but not overly difficult. Climbing is fairly mild except for the grunt out of Cove Wash. The 4 trails offer options for shorter or longer rides. The route I describe here is 6.7 miles, with absolute altitude change of 400 vertical feet. This ride will have about 600 total feet of climbing.
Ride notes, from Cove Wash TH:
0.0  Step over on DT to south of parking
       N37 07.247 W113 40.481
0.1  Veer R and descend into Cove Wash
0.2  Hard L, descend wash bottom
       N37 07.182 W113 40.516
0.3  R out of wash, climb south side of mesa
       N37 07.135 W113 40.449
0.6  R off DT onto ST
       N37 06.947 W113 40.253
       (If you miss ST, take DT to R at 0.7)
1.0  Step over gate, L on ST in 30 ft
       N37 07.074 W113 40.610
       Rim Reaper Trail
1.5  Fork L on Rim Rambler
       N37 06.892 W113 40.630
2.1  At DT, cross vs up to viewpoint
       N37 06.901 W113 40.855
       Rim Rock Trail
2.5  Fork L to start loop
       N37 06.881 W113 41.027
2.6  Fork L on Rim Runner
       N37 06.831 W113 41.087
       150 ft, L at fork (loop starts)
3.1  L to viewpoint
       N37 06.694 W113 41.167
3.2  Back from viewpoint, go L
3.4  Finish loop, go L
       150 ft, L again to resume Rim Rock
3.5  Keep L (R = shortcut)
       N37 06.885 W113 41.094
3.9  Fork L (straight = from shortcut)
       N37 06.902 W113 41.105
5.0  Back at loop fork, go L
5.3  Back at DT, fork L
       (Option, cross to Rim Rambler)
5.5  Pass Rim Rambler ST
       N37 07.040 W113 40.744
       (Option Rim Rambler, 0.3, L on Rim Reaper)
5.7  Back at stepover
6.7  Back at Cove Wash TH
Getting there:  In St. George, head north on Bluff Street and turn left on Sunset Blvd. Drive 3 miles west on Sunset through Santa Clara. As you're reaching the end of Santa Clara, look for a road crossing the river on your left. It's about 200 feet before the Jacob Hamblin Home (which will be on your right if you pass the turn). Turn and cross the river and follow the road as it turns right. About 0.4 miles from Hwy 191, turn left onto the dirt Stucki Springs road. At mile 0.7, turn right at the sign "Santa Clara Preserve." Pass the water tank, and at mile 1.3, turn right again through the fence. This road will veer left, then arrive at a log fenced parking area at mile 1.5, N37 07.253 W113 40.508. (For a route to the trailhead from St. George by bicycle, see above.)

Copyright 2009 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.