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Richfield Race Loop
The Richfield Race trail is a five-mile loop on a bench area above Glenwood, about 6 miles east of Richfield. The riding is easier-intermediate, with brief mild climbs and fast descents. Climbing is minimal. There are some nice views and the trail is fun to ride. The riding season is late April through November. There's some clay that will get sticky after heavy rains. There's no shade on the trail, so it will be hot on summer afternoons. Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk.
Riding notes, clockwise loop:
0.0   Northwest from parking N38 46.825 W111 57.566
0.05 Cross main road to singletrack N38 46.882 W111 57.628
0.7   Briefly join DT westbound N38 47.116 W111 57.891
0.8   DT 4-way, straight and slightly L to ST
        N38 47.104 W111 58.001
        (R = DT, L = Twist return trail, DT straight = alt Twist return)
2.7   Northernmost point, avoid cheater trails to DT
3.1   Cross main road and into badlands N38 47.338 W111 57.595
3.4   Out of gully, R onto powerline DT N38 47.451 W111 57.446
3.7   Critical fork!  R onto ST N38 47.172 W111 57.439
4.3   Join DT, veer R and westbound N38 47.093 W111 57.050
4.8   Cross powerline DT N38 46.958 W111 57.385
5.0   Back at parking
Getting there:
On Main Street in Richfield, turn east on 300 North. This is Utah Highway 118, old US Highway 89. After 0.9 miles, Highway 118 turns north. Keep straight to the single lane that becomes Highway 119. Continue straight east and in about 4 miles the road will veer a bit right and climb up the hill. At mile 6.4, begin watching for a gravel road on your left. It will be just before the Glenwood Hills OHV sign. Turn left and drive 0.8 miles. Turn right toward the fenced area and park outside the gate.