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Red Canyon
The Red Canyon Trail is a 5.5 mile paved trail through one of Utah's most scenic canyons. Slope is fairly gentle, with only 1000 feet of altitude change (200 feet per mile). But not all youngsters are capable of riding up from the bottom. Consider a shuttle ride, coasting the trail downhill, if you're out of shape or have young children.
The trail has a well-built base and is very smooth. It's marked for uphill and downhill lanes. Curves are slow and easy. The trail crosses two campground entrances, but that's the only traffic you'll encounter. The trail is cut through the bumps, like a road, rather than following the natural contours. This makes for a very smooth ride.
The Red Canyon Trail is also the uphill route for riders who are doing the Thunder Mountain Trail as a loop. It also serves as a connector for riders who are looping back from Casto Canyon (via the Fremont Trail) or Cassidy Canyon.

Getting there:
Upper Trailhead: Drive about 8 miles south of Panguitch on US-89, then turn east on U-12. Go all the way up Red Canyon on U-12 until the road levels out in a steppe area at the top (about 8 miles from US-89). Watch for a gravel road GPS N 37 43.169' W 112 15.322' (on both the right and left sides of the road) about 1/2 mile after reaching the top of the hill. If you've been watching the paved trail alongside the road, you'll see that it ends here. The road is labeled "Fremont ATV Trail." Turn right and park inside the fence.
Thunder Mountain (lower) Trailhead: Find Bryce Canyon on your Utah map. Now look a bit west and north and find the town of Panguitch. Head to Panguitch, then drive south on US-89. Turn east from US-89 on U-12 and drive about 3 miles until you reach the Thunder Mountain parking area on your right, just before the Dixie National Forest and "Red Canyon" sign. GPS is N 37 44.595' W 112 19.747'.

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