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Quail Overlook Trail System
This trail system offers expert-level riding, but can be managed by skilled intermediates. Four loops lie on a sawtooth escarpment southeast of Quail Creek Reservoir. Loop 4 (northernmost) is the hardest; 2 and 3 are easiest. There are many different ways to navigate the system. This route is for true experts, with a shorter option at mile 2.2 for upper-intermediates.
Expert Full Tour, 6.2 miles:
0.0   L uphill from parking, Cub Scout Loop
        N37 10.095 W113 23.626
        Climb to top of first tooth
1.1   Drop into switchbacks
1.6   Cross wash to Anticline Access trail
        N37 10.393 W113 23.333
1.9   Keep R on Anticline Access
        N37 10.504 W113 23.195
1.95 Keep R on Anticline Access
        N37 10.511 W113 23.202
2.1   L uphill on Varsity Scout
        N37 10.589 W113 23.159
2.2   L on DT to hilltop, R on ST
        Now on Adventure Scout
        (Going northeast, stiff climb)
        N37 10.621 W113 23.176
OPTION: for shorter easier ride, fork
to the LEFT here -- skip to  mile 3.5

2.4   Top of 4th tooth, begin descent
3.1   Gap viewpoint over dam
        N37 10.707 W113 22.982
        South on Harrisburg Gap DT
3.3   Veer R onto ST N37 10.604 W113 23.107
3.4   Cross DT N37 10.594 W113 23.152
        R uphill on Varsity Scout (repeat segment)
        N37 10.589 W113 23.159
3.5   Again at top of hill at DT
        This time, L on ST Varsity Scout
        N37 10.621 W113 23.176
3.9   R uphill to Boy Scout (tooth 2)
        N37 10.489 W113 23.260

4.5   R on Anticline Access
        N37 10.503 W113 23.193
4.8   L down Wash section of Cub Scout loop
        N37 10.393 W113 23.333
4.9   R on Lower Anticline section, Cub Scout
        N37 10.330 W113 23.286
6.2   Back at parking
Getting there:
On I-15 about 10 miles north of St. George, take the Hurricane (US-9) exit eastbound. Drive 2.6 miles. After descending part-way down the hill, turn left toward Quail Creek at the light (onto State Road 318). Drive another 0.4 miles north. When you see the chain-link fence of the water treatment facility, turn right onto the road heading east along the fence. (You're following the signs for the Scour Camp.) At the fence corner, turn left (north). And at the next corner, turn right (east). Now stay straight until dip through the old scar from the 1989 dam failure then climb up to the top of the little hill. Turn left into the small parking area.
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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.