Jessica rides Provo CanyonProvo River Parkway (Provo Canyon Section)
The Provo River Parkway is an easy-going paved bike and roller blade trail. It stretches 14 miles from Utah Lake to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. The trail follows the Provo River, seeing heavy use by BYU students and other young hardbodies. Except for a couple of short spots, the slope of the trail is barely perceptable. This photo shows the trail near the mouth of Provo Canyon.
At Nunn's Park, you can stop for a shady mountain picnic (the trail continues at the east end of the park, passing under the highway to continue in the parking area on the opposite side). Near the end of the trail, famous Bridal Veil Falls towers above the Provo River. At the base of the falls, there's a shallow cold swimming hole for hot tired kiddie bodies.
The Parkway can be used to connect to singletrack trails, such as the Great Western (Orem Bench), Provo Canyon Racetrack, and Provo Canyon Bonneville Shoreline.

Provo Canyon's Bridal Veil Falls

Provo River Parkway (Canyon) MapGetting there: The trail can be picked up at many locations from Utah Lake to Vivian Park. (In the canyon, find it at Canyon Glen or Nunn's Park.) Our favorite ride is to catch the trail at the parking area at the mouth of Provo Canyon on Orem's 800 North Street. GPS N 40° 18.840'  W 111° 39.472'. The ride up to Bridal Veil Falls is a round trip of 8 miles.

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