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Powder Mountain Brim Trail
The Brim Trail is the first of a planned system of trails at Powder Mountain. The Brim singletrack is six miles long, with doubletrack connectors bringing our suggested ride (see below) to 10.1 miles. Altitude is 8600 feet. The riding season is late June through September. The ride starts at the upper lodge at the top of the Powder Mountain resort. There will be 900 vertical feet of climbing.
For 2015, ride this trail ONLY on weekends or weekdays after 5 pm due to construction in the area.
Riding guide, counterclockwise lariat from lodge:
0.0   From lodge N41 22.194 W111 45.881
        South across parking lot.
        R and down broad road you drove in on.
        N41 22.110 W111 45.866
0.1   Hard L onto paved road
        N41 22.105 W111 45.995
0.2   Under overpass, follow traverse of new roadway
1.7   R onto ST N41 21.633 W111 44.679
2.8   Cross dirt road N41 21.294 W111 45.590
4.8   Keep R (L = shortcut)
        N41 20.707 W111 44.275
6.2   Keep R (L = shortcut returns)
        Cross dirt road N41 20.626 W111 43.953
7.9   Possible new trailcut on R, keep L
        Keep R onto dirt road
        N41 21.430 W111 44.340
8.3   R onto roadway N41 21.641 W111 44.657
        Retrace path to parking
10.1 Back at car
Getting there:  From I-15, take Exit 347 to Ogden Canyon. Drive 7 miles up Highway 39 and turn left across the Pine View dam onto Highway 158. Four miles later as you pass the gas station in Eden, keep straight at the stop sign. Drive steep uphill 7 more miles to Powder Mountain. Pass the lower lifts on your left as you follow a turn in the road. Now take the next road on your right, Powder Ridge Road. (If you reach the main parking lot on the ridgeline, you missed the turn.) Drive 1.2 miles on Powder Ridge Road, then fork left uphill to the upper lodge parking. 
NOTE 2015:  The area just south of the lodge parking is under development. The area is currently closed to cars, but you may soon be able to drive directly to the singletrack trail. For now, follow the instructions above as you ride along the construction zone. Watch for the green round sign on a post to your right, 1.7 miles from the lodge.
Trail conditions, alignment, and connections will change. Use this guide at your own risk.  Copyright 2015