Nine Mile Canyon
Nine-mile Canyon is an easy ride on dirt road. It's a good family educational ride, as you view rock art from the Fremont Indian culture, plus the ruins of pioneer cabins. Above the road tower banded cliffs of sandstone. The canyon tilts very slightly downhill, losing 1300 feet over 23 miles (a bit more than 50 feet per mile -- hardly noticeable). Riding options include 46-mile hammerhead out-and-back, a one-way downhill cruise of any length, and a park-and-explore option. .
Long Ride notes, starting at Cottonwood Glen
0.0   Turn R (east) as you exit the parking area
N 39° 47.294' W 110° 25.342'   Alt 6530 ft
2.7   Sheep Canyon road joins from R
4.0   Argyle Canyon road joins from L
5.9   Harmon Canyon road joins from R
11.0 Gate Canyon road joins from L
15.0 Prickly Pear Canyon on R
16.2 Dry Creek Canyon road joins from R
16.7 Parking and rest rooms on R
17.7 Cottonwood Canyon road joins from R
(Option: turn R 1.15 miles to petroglyphs)
23.0 Turnaround at gate, Franks Canyon road on L
N 39° 48.292' W 110° 04.676'   Alt 5250 ft
Sample Petroglyph Locations:
0.8 miles past Sheep Canyon, on L
0.7 miles past Argyle Canyon, after balanced rock
0.55 miles past Dry Creek, just beyond wash, on L
2.3 miles past Cottonwood Creek, on L
1.15 miles up Cottonwood Creek Canyon road, on R
1.35 miles up Cottonwood Creek Canyon road, on R

Short Ride recommendation:
Park at Gate Canyon, ride up to the Cottonwood Canyon petroglyphs, and/or down to the gate at Franks Canyon.
Park-and-Explore Ride option:
Park at the rest rooms 0.5 mile past Dry Canyon. Head downhill. Turn R at Cottonwood Canyon, ride to the petroglyphs, and return. (4.7 miles)

Getting There, "Long Ride:" From the Wasatch Front, head over Spanish Fork canyon on US-6 and drive past Price to the town of Wellington. Just east of Wellington, turn north on the Soldier Creek Road. Zero your odometer. When the road forks at mile 5.6, keep left. The pavement ends just past the coal mine at mile 12.5. Continue over the pass, keeping right at the fork at 14.6. Drive past the "dude ranch" commercial camping area around mile 24. At mile 26.8, turn right into the Cottonwood Glen picnic area. GPS N 39° 47.294' W 110° 25.342'.
Shorter rides:
Continue along the Nine Mile Canyon road until you find a spot you like. Some of the best scenery and petroglyphs are in the Cottonwood Canyon area. Park at the rest rooms, on the main road just past the Dry Canyon fork. Cottonwood Canyon will be about a mile downhill, on the right.

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