Navajo Rocks - Trail system -- Rocky Tops to Ramblin loop
Navajo Rocks is a new riding area north of Moab. It consists of a 17.4-mile main loop, with a singletrack connector passing through the western trailhead to cut the loop in half. The full loop is for upper-intermediate to advanced riders. The western half is intermediate. The eastern half is upper-intermediate. This page features the eastern half-loop from the west trailhead, plus the full loop from the eastern trailhead.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignment will change. Use this guide at your own risk. UtahMountainBiking 2016.
East half-loop, from Middle Earth (West TH)
Riding notes, counterclockwise:

0.0   Cross 313 from west parking to ST
Middle Earth N38 38.214 W109 47.109
0.6   L on Coney Island
N38 37.834 W109 47.008
0.8   Cross DT to Rocky Tops (R = to 7-up)
N38 37.809 W109 46.825
1.4   Climb away from Kayenta onto Navajo
1.7   Top of mesa
3.1   Sideslope under cliff
4.6   Top of cliff above canyon
5.4   Cross 313 to TH, L on Ramblin
N38 37.809 W109 46.825
7.2   Cross ATV route
8.6   R (L = Big Mesa)
N38 38.357 W109 47.100
8.8   Back at parking
Full l oop from East Trailhead (17.4 mi)
Riding notes, clockwise:

0.0   Cross 313 from East Parking
Rocky Tops N38 37.809 W109 46.825
4.6   Cross DT to Coney Island (L = to 7-up)
N38 37.809 W109 46.825
4.8   Stay L (R = Middle Earth)
N38 37.834 W109 47.008
7.7   Veer R, start Big Lonely
N38 36.919 W109 48.351
8.2   Cross 313 N38 37.210 W109 48.720
8.3   Keep R (L = Chisholm)
N38 37.257 W109 48.795
10.8 Cross DT to Big Mesa
N38 38.085 W109 48.445
14.2 Keep L to Ramblin (R = west TH)
N38 38.357 W109 47.100
17.4 Back at parking
Getting there, East Parking:
From I-70 and Crescent Junction, drive south on US-191 for 20 miles. If coming from Moab, drive about 9 miles north of the Colorado River on Highway 191. Turn west on Highway 313. At mile 5.3 (shortly after you pass the view area), there's a fenced trailhead on the right. This is where the loop crosses the highway. Park here to start at the east end of Rocky Tops or Ramblin.
West Parking: Proceed on Highway 313 as above, but at mile 6.1 keep driving straight as you pass the main parking area. At mile 6.4 just as you reach the top of a hill, look for a gravel turn on your right just as you pass through the cut in the hill. Go 100 feet and park by the trail sign. Ramblin and Big Mesa share their first 1/4 mile of trail. Middle Earth is across the road.