Moonlight Meadows
Moonlight Meadows is a classic La Sal Mountain ride southeast of Moab. With a starting altitude of 10,500 feet, and featuring rough narrow singletrack, the "Classic" 10.8 mile loop ride will be a challenge even for strong skilled riders. This ride makes a long climb on FR 071 before tackling Moonlight Meadows, Clark Lake, Clark Lake Loop Trail, and  Boren Mesa. Upper-intermediate riders can do a "Mini-loop" of 3.6 miles starting at Geyser Pass, or a figure-eight adding the Geyser Pass singletrack . Riding season is July through September.
Riding notes, classic loop from Squaw Springs TH:
0.0    Uphill on Geyser Pass road
N38 28.751 W109 17.403
1.6    Winter TH on L (BR)
N38 28.622 W109 16.685
2.7    Keep L N38 28.844 W109 15.777
3.5    Stay on road (Clark Lake Trail on L)
N38 29.177 W109 15.119
5.1    Geyser Pass TH (BR) N38 29.122 W109 13.940
North on ST between toilet and kiosk
5.15  L on DT N38 29.163 W109 13.932
5.2    L at DT fork N38 29.197 W109 13.913
5.25  Stay on DT (R=Whole Enchilada)
N38 29.228 W109 13.930
5.3   L on Moonlight Meadows ST
N38 29.279 W109 13.966
6.9   Straight (R) on Clark Lake trail
N38 29.286 W109 14.922
7.8   Clark Lake N38 29.595 W109 15.753
Hard L downhill before cattleguard
7.9   R off dam, then fork L across fence
N38 29.573 W109 15.756
Clark Lake Loop Trail
8.8   L uphill on Boren Mesa
N38 29.686 W109 16.623
9.3   Straight (L = DT to road)
N38 29.455 W109 16.726
10.8 Back at parking
Getting there, Squaw Springs TH:
On Moab's Main Street, head south on US-191. Zero your odometer at Center Street Center Street and drive 8.2 miles. Turn left toward Ken's Lake - La Sal Loop Road. At the T intersection 1/2 mile later, turn right. Stay on the paved La Sal Loop Road to mile 20.6, then turn right on gravel Geyser Pass road. Drive exactly 3 miles uphill. The trailhead is at a left turn in the road, on the right side. There's parking space for 4 to 6 vehicles.
Geyser Pass TH (for small loop): Use this trailhead if you're riding ONLY Moonlight Meadows. Drive 8 miles from the La Sal Loop on Geyser Pass road (to mile 28.6) until you see a bathroom, kiosk, and parking on your left with a road fork straight ahead.  This is Geyser Pass (N38 29.122 W109 13.940).

Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2015