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Luke's Trail
Luke's Trail is a fun twisting singletrack that starts on the edge of Price. As an out-and-back, it's a relatively fast nine miles. Overall altitude change is 650 vertical feet, but the only really steep part is the first short dirt-road climb as you leave Price. The trail is intermediate overall in technical requirement. Beginning riders will enjoy this trail, but will likely need to step the bike over some obstacles and walk through some of the wash crossings. For beginners, I'd recommend you drive the first 1.3 miles (parking near the storage tank) and start with the singletrack.

Classic Luke's Trail from Pioneer Park:
0.0   Northwest corner of park, go west (towards water tank)
        N 39 36.476 W 110 48.548  alt=5640
0.15 Keep straight on dirt (R dead-ends)
0.18 R on dirt road (goes up hill between C's)
        N 39 36.458 W 110 48.738
0.45 Keep straight at all intersections, top of hill
        N 39 36.660 W 110 48.797 alt=5890
1.1   Go R around water tank
        N 39 37.205 W 110 48.760
1.35 Turn L at DT
        N 39 37.360 W 110 48.780
1.4   Parking area, begin singletrack
        N39 37.367 W110 48.811
        Cross doubletracks at 1.5, 2.0, 2.3
2.4   Keep straight (R), L=Alans Alley
        Add 1 mile if doing Alans Alley
        N39 38.038 W110 49.049
        Cross doubletracks at 2.5, 2.6
2.7   Keep straight (R), L=Alans Alley return
        N39 38.246 W110 49.160
2.8   At canyon rim, view
        N 39 38.248 W 110 49.165 alt=6140
3.8   Over cattleguard
        (R = cutoff to S'mo Joes on east rim)
        N39 38.826 W110 48.492
3.85 Pass under power line ("White Trash Point")
        N39 38.656 W110 48.660
4.0   Keep R (L = Bonus Loop)
        N39 38.848 W110 48.458
        Add 0.7 miles if doing Bonus Loop
4.05 Cross DT
        N39 38.849 W110 48.430
4.3   At Kenilworth Road
        N39 39.035 W110 48.253
Direct to Meads via Kenilworth Road:
0.0   Turn L uphill on DT
0.5   Keep R on smaller road (don't go to pump station)
0.8   Just after road splits around junipers,
        spot opening in fence, with DT on R
        N39 39.577 W110 47.941
Getting there:  Eastbound on US 6, take the first Price exit. Turn left and enter town on 100 North. About a mile after leaving the freeway, turn left (north) onto 100 East. Go four city blocks to the far end of Pioneer Park, turn right onto 500 North and find a parking place. The ride starts at the corner of 100 East 500 North. You'll be riding west (towards the water tank).

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