Klonzo Trails
The Klonzo Trail system is non-motorized singletrack designed for mountain biking. It lies between the Sovereign / Salt Wash trail system and the border of Arches National Park. The trailhead is on the Willow Springs Road, just 3/4 mile east of the Sovereign Trail parking area. Four miles of the trails are now open for riding (November 2012), with additional riding options to be added soon. The riding is intermediate technical, suitable for advanced beginners. You can customize the length of the ride.
Riding notes, clockwise loop-de-loop:
0.0  Western (first) TH, take L (west) trail
N38 42.129 W109 39.137
0.5   Keep straight (mesa return on R)
N38 42.271 W109 38.913
1.0   Fork R to mesa rim
N38 42.470 W109 38.838
1.5   R to repeat section
(N38 42.271 W109 38.913)
2.0   Back at fork, straight (L) this time
(N38 42.470 W109 38.838)
2.2   Keep straight (dirt loop return on R)
N38 42.512 W109 38.764
3.2   Fork R (L = home)
N38 42.523 W109 38.556
3.4   Keep R to repeat dirt loop
(N38 42.512 W109 38.764)
4.4   Back at fork, L this time
(N38 42.523 W109 38.556)
5.0   East TH, veer R to continue ST
N38 42.194 W109 38.734
5.4   Back at West TH
Getting There:
Western Trailhead: Willow Springs Road forks east off Highway 191 18 miles south of I-70 and about 10 miles north of Moab (1.8 miles north of the junction with Highway 313 (to Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point). Turn onto Willow Springs Road. Keep straight as spurs go to camping areas. At mile 1.4, turn left to cross Courthouse Wash (may not be passable in wet weather). At mile 2.0 pass the Sovereign Trail parking area, a flat area outlined in rocks on the left (north) side of the road N 38° 41.876' W 109° 39.868', with a natural gas pump building on the right. At mile 2.7, turn left off Willow Springs Road onto a small doubletrack. 100 feet later, park and begin your ride. The trail on the left takes you clockwise and immediately to the slickrock.
Eastern TH: Keep going on Willow Springs Road past the west trailhead. At mile 3.0 from US 191, turn left on doubletrack. Drive 0.2 miles to a small area of slickrock. The trail to the left goes toward the western trailhead. Right climbs up for a counterclockwise loop.

Trail alignment and intersections WILL change. Use at your own risk.
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