Jenni's Trail
Jenni's Trail extends from the Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) northern parking lot to the top of the Payday Lift. The trail is new in 2012. It's 5.1 miles in length, rising 1300 vertical feet from 6900 to 8200 feet elevation. It provides a great (and easier) climbing option to reach higher trails such as Steps. Nice loop options include Johns Trail or Midmountain to Spiro. The shortest loops will be around 11 miles.
Ride description, Jenni's lariat loop with John's:
0.0   Wire gate north of condos, west uphill
0.06  Pass Silver Spur, keep straight
N40 39.095 W111 30.528
0.1    Hard R uphill, paved trail
N40 39.043 W111 30.524
Keep straight onto dirt trail
0.3    Cross lift road N40 38.990 W111 30.656
1.4    Straight (R) to cross CMG
N40 38.639 W111 30.887
2.7    Fork hard R to stay on Jenni's
N40 38.567 W111 30.474
(straight = to lift or to Flat Cable)
3.4    Keep straight (L = Loose Moose)
N40 38.378 W111 30.434
4.7    Veer L, cross DT to ST
N40 37.956 W111 30.727
5.0     L on DT N40 38.058 W111 30.577
5.1     R 150 degrees at lift
N40 38.090 W111 30.514 go R of building
5.2     Hard L on Johns N40 38.019 W111 30.566
6.3     Fork R (L = to Trestle) N40 38.345 W111 30.242
6.5     Fork L (R = 4:20) N40 38.411 W111 30.200
6.6     Fork L (R = continue Johns)
N40 38.436 W111 30.206
6.7     Keep straight (hard L = Sweeney's)
N40 38.494 W111 30.309
6.8     Keep R and level N40 38.446 W111 30.359
6.9     R and downhill on Jenni's
N40 38.378 W111 30.434
7.5     Keep L, then hard L
N40 38.567 W111 30.474
(straight = to lift)
8.8     Hard R onto CMG
N40 38.639 W111 30.887
10.2   Back at parking

Getting there: In Park City, follow the signs to Park City Mountain Resort. As you see the first parking area, turn in and park there. Look to the southwest (toward the main resort. Pedal toward the spot where the parking lot meets the condos. As you reach a wire gate, the gravel doubletrack that heads uphill toward the Alpine Slide is the beginning of our ride.

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