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JEM Upper Doubletrack - Goosebumps Loop
The JEM Doubletrack (JEM DT) is a dirt road along the northern skirts of Gooseberry Mesa. It was the uphill part of the old classic JEM loop ride, and has now found new life as a loop route that combines Goosebumps and upper Dead Ringer. The doubletrack is a nice route for beginners and is compatible with tow-trailers. I recommend that true beginners and out-of-shapers go only to the viewpoint spur (the blue side-trip on the map below), for a two-mile round trip. This loop ride is 9 miles and is for intermediate riders.
JEM DT - Goosebumps Loop ride notes:
0.0   Cross cattle extruder, straight on DT
        N37 08.348 W113 14.522
1.0   Viewpoint spur out-and-back on L
        N37 09.085 W113 14.457
2.7    Left downhill N37 09.537 W113 13.422
3.2    Left on Goosebumps ST
         N37 09.747 W113 13.599
5.1    Keep L on Goosebumps (R = Crypto)
         N37 09.782 W113 14.519
5.3    Keep L (temporary split)
6.6    Keep R (temporary split)
7.1    Cross JEM to Dead Ringer
         N37 09.111 W113 15.109
7.2    Keep L and uphill
         N37 09.035 W113 15.086
8.3    Keep straight (L = More Cowbell)
         N37 08.410 W113 14.743
8.6    Keep straight (R) N37 08.487 W113 14.648
9.0    At DT, R to TH
Getting there, Upper JEM trailhead: In Hurricane, turn south on US-59 (towards the Grand Canyon). Drive exactly 5 miles uphill. Turn left on cindered doubletrack right as you approach the base of Gooseberry Mesa. Drive another 0.3 miles to the parking area and head northeast on JEM.. N 37 08.329' W 113 14.527'

Highway 59 Sheep Bridge Rd:  Drive toward the upper JEM trailhead on Highway 59 as above. But at mile 3.3 (while still on the flat area), turn left on gravel road. Immediately park on the right, just inside the fence. Pedal 0.4 miles northeast to where the JEM singletrack crosses. Navigate to your destination trail.


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