Jazz Chromoly
This is a fun dirt singletrack located near Red Fleet Reservoir north of Vernal. Ridden as described below, it's 6.5 miles. Lowest elevation is 5700 feet. While there's only 300 feet of absolute elevation change, up-and-down riding will make your climbing about 800 vertical. The trail begins in the deep red dirt of the Moenkopi formation. The trail itself is firmly packed, but the shoulder is soft. If you bobble off-trail, you'll dig in, and likely dump. In many spots the trail threads through clusters of small cactus. You definitely want to stay on-trail. The first part of the ride is up and down -- mostly up. As you climb, you hit the firmer phosphate-rich white clay of the Park City formation.
Riding notes, clockwise loop:
0.0  Ride west from parking   N40 35.923 W109 27.470
0.5  Through dip and north along 191
0.8  Pass return route, keep L   N40 35.952 W109 27.899
0.9  Veer R uphill at white clay   N40 36.059 W109 27.920
1.2  Turn south (R) at trough   N40 36.203 W109 27.689
1.4  Fork hard L  (R=return)   N40 36.033 W109 27.728
1.5  Fork L   N40 36.094 W109 27.626
2.2  Trough,  L uphill along pipe   N40 36.550 W109 27.397
2.5  Reach fence, go east
3.0  Trail weaves, keep along fence   N40 36.765 W109 27.103
3.2  Fork R (south) downhill   N40 36.784 W109 26.862
3.9  Hard R at bottom of hill   N40 36.248 W109 26.708
4.3  Keep R and R (L=to road)   N40 36.227 W109 27.015
4.5  Cross doubletrack   N40 36.355 W109 27.184
4.8  Back at trough, fork L downhill     N40 36.550 W109 27.397
5.4  Rejoin outgoing trail, keep straight   N40 36.094 W109 27.626
5.5  Keep straight downhill   N40 36.033 W109 27.728
5.7  At outgoing trail, fork L   N40 35.952 W109 27.899
6.5  Back at car
Getting there: In Vernal on US-40 (the main drag), turn north on US-191. Drive to mile 10.7 and turn right at the paved road signed "Red Fleet Dinosaur Trackway." Drive uphill 0.6 miles. At the top of the hill, turn left onto a dirt road and immediately park in the wide area on the left. The trail starts on the west side of the parking area (left as you pulled in).
2.4 miles from US-191 on the Dinosaur Trackway road is a bathroom at the trackway trailhead. Water: Bring your own.

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