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Hymasa Trail
The Hymasa Trail is a two-way, 3.2-mile trail in the Amasa Back riding area. The singletrack begins where the Amasa Back trail leaves Kane Springs Canyon Road and extends up to the saddle on the mesa. It's upper-intermediate in technical requirement and moderately strenuous. The ride below is 9.2 miles with 1600 vertical feet of climbing, and is considered expert-level technical. Intermediate riders should descend via Hymasa, riding it as an out-and-back.
Ride notes, Hymasa to Ahab loop, 9.2 miles
0.0  Right uphill from parking
       N38 31.695 W109 35.805
0.5  Drop R 15 feet, then left to ST Hymasa
       N38 31.445 W109 36.101
0.8  Keep L to merge with main Amasa
       N38 31.525 W109 36.063
0.9  Cross creek N38 31.588 W109 36.075
1.1  Keep R on Amasa (L = Ahab end)
       N38 31.523 W109 36.261
1.3  R on singletrack Hymasa
       N38 31.560 W109 36.336
1.5  Cross Amasa from uphill
       N38 31.456 W109 36.338
1.8  Cross Amasa from downhill
       N38 31.329 W109 36.490
2.4  Cross Amasa from uphill
       N38 31.330 W109 36.490
3.1  R to join midpoint trail
       N38 30.869 W109 36.622
3.2  L off midpoint on Hymasa
       N38 30.875 W109 36.671
3.7  L on Captain Ahab
       N38 31.084 W109 37.156
       (option: R 0.1 mile to Amasa saddle)
6.1  Keep straight (cross midpoint trail)
       N38 30.809 W109 36.594
8.1  R downhill on main Amasa
8.3  Cross creek
8.4  R uphill to Hymasa N38 31.525 W109 36.063
8.7  Exit ST, R uphill to road, L downhill
9.2  Back at parking
Getting there: Head south on Moab's Main Street. When you reach the McDonald's on your right, turn right onto Kane Creek Blvd. After 0.6 miles, go straight where the road seems to turn right (500 West). Drive along the Colorado River about 5 miles until the road turns to gravel, and head uphill about 2/3 mile. Watch for the "Amasa Back Parking" area at GPS N 38 31.329' W 109 35.501'. Park here. Pedal further up the gravel road 1/2 mile, and turn right onto the trail at the sign.

Hymasa singletrack trail segments are shown in black. Copyright 2014 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions and alignments change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.