Holly's Trail
Holly's Trail goes from the base of The Canyons resort at Park City to the Mid Mountain Trail. It's 4.1 miles long, rising from 6900 to 8200 feet in elevation. Some up-and-down riding brings the total climbing from base to Mid Mountain to 1500 vertical feet. It's suitable for experienced beginners if they're strong and conditioned. Holly's offers connections including loops using Ricochet, or Rob's Trail and Rosebud's Heaven.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2016 UtahMountainBiking.com
Riding notes, Holly's - Rob's - Rosebud's Loop:
0.0   North from gondola, down and left
        N40 41.182 W111 33.413
0.2   L uphill on Holly's
        N40 41.222 W111 33.579
0.9   Cross DT to ST N40 41.183 W111 33.902
1.6   Cross DT to ST N40 41.280 W111 34.541
1.7   Keep L (R = to Rosebud's Heaven)
        N40 41.327 W111 34.498
2.0   Hard L uphill (R = Ambush)
        N40 41.481 W111 34.574
2.5   Join DT uphill N40 41.259 W111 34.822
        Rapid L toward lodge
        Climb uphill of lodge N40 41.226 W111 34.762
        Straight and downhill
        (Insurgent, DDown, Ricochet join on R)
2.6   Cross creek, keep L (R = Ricochet DH)
        N40 41.203 W111 34.693
3.8   Keep straight past DH-trails entry
        N40 41.022 W111 34.989
4.1   Ridge, R on DT N40 40.957 W111 34.690
        Pass Drop Kick N40 40.953 W111 34.726
4.2   R (north) on Mid Mountain
        N40 40.950 W111 34.752
5.2   Keep L on MM (R = Redcoat)
        N40 41.177 W111 35.692
6.0   Keep R on MM (L = Crest Connector)
        N40 41.503 W111 35.152
7.1   R downhill on Robs (L = Hunter)
        N40 41.733 W111 35.343
7.5   Keep L on Robs (R = Ambush)
        N40 41.854 W111 35.045
8.8   R on Rosebud's Heaven
        N40 41.814 W111 33.717
10.0 Keep L (R = Ambush uphill)
        N40 41.354 W111 33.853
10.2 L downhill on DT
        N40 41.323 W111 33.896
10.5 Straight (R = Holly's)
10.7 Back at base

Getting there:
Exit I-80 on 224 southbound toward Park City. Pass Bear Hollow drive, then turn R into The Canyons at mile 2.8 from the freeway. Follow the main resort drive uphill. Go straight at the roundabout. As the road splits in front of the big hotel, veer left (south). Now turn R uphill just past the big buildings. Look for a gravel parking area on your right, just before the road turns north again. Park here. Exit the far end of the parking lot to a paved path that goes north between commercial buildings. Keep going until you pass the gondola. Ignore the smaller trails crossing the lawn (those are downhill routes). Drop slightly to the left onto a broad path in the canyon bottom and begin going uphill to reach Holly's and Rosebud's Heaven.