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Herriman Foothills
The Herriman singletrack trail system is a work in progress, begun late in 2013.
The Juniper Crest loop is 4.8 miles, with a connection to the unfinished Firebreak Trail. In this area there are multiple old four-wheeler trails that cross, plus a couple of shortcuts and connectors. For your first ride, it's best to start at the connector just south of the church on Juniper Crest Drive and ride the loop counterclockwise. There's about 600 vertical feet of climbing. The ride is technically quite easy and suitable for beginners.
Loop from Juniper Crest, counterclockwise:
0.0  West on ST from road
        N40 28.737 W112 00.500
        Veer R uphill on ST
0.3   L on loop N40 28.598 W112 00.577
1.7   Begin descent
2.4   Riding near road
3.4   Keep R N40 28.866 W112 00.318
3.6   L on paved trail N40 28.973 W112 00.418
        ST after passing under road
4.1   Keep straight (L = shortcut)
        N40 28.794 W112 00.744
4.3   Keep straight (L=Firebreak, R=to shortcut)
        N40 28.709 W112 00.762
4.6   L downhill N40 28.598 W112 00.577
4.9   Back at road
Church trailhead on Juniper Crest:  From the Bangerter Highway, turn west onto 13400 South and drive 2/3 mile. Turn left (south) at the Mountain View Corridor and drive about a mile. At the traffic light, turn right onto Rosecrest Road. After 1/2 mile, turn left onto Juniper Crest. (Caution! the street signs north of Rosecrest give Juniper Crest another name!) Immediately after you pass the church 0.7 miles later, park at the roadside. The trail begins at the big boulders on the right side of the road immediately after the second entry to church parking.
Blackridge trailhead:  Get onto Juniper Crest as above. As you see yourself leaving the dense homes and are approaching a bridge across a ravine, turn right onto Ambermont Drive. (Again, caution. The continuation of Ambermont east of Juniper Crest has a different name.) Over the next half-mile, Ambermont goes southwest, then west, then turns to northwest. Now fork left on Aurora Vista. Quickly turn right onto Esher Street, then left at Ashland Ridge and enter the parking area for Blackridge Pond. The trail starts at the far end of the parking strip. (If you reach a "do-not-enter" exit from Blackridge, you went too far on Aurora Vista. Turn around and go back to Esher Street.)

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