A technical climbGreen Valley Raceway Trail
The Green Valley Raceway Trail starts southwest of St. George in Green Valley. It's just north of the Bearclaw Poppy Trail trailhead, and is an upward path to the Stucki Springs Trail. If you follow the route on our map, you'll do 6.5 miles and about 1400 vertical. (Absolute altitude change is only 650 feet, but you'll drop practically back to the bottom again in the middle of the loop. But there are many different ways you can ride. It's strenuous aerobic, intermediate technical with a smattering of advanced technical.
Riding notes, ICup race loop (counterclockwise):
0.0   North on doubletrack
N37 05.542 W113 37.967
Keep straight (R) as DT's fork
0.3   Veer R at fork
N37 05.743 W113 38.149
(L = 9-and-under loops back)
0.5   Follow DT up small hill
0.7   L off road onto ST
N37 06.034 W113 38.345
1.0   Trail hits forking DT, go straight across
N37 06.086 W113 38.618
1.0   Next DT, straight across
N37 06.102 W113 38.636
1.3   Straight across DT
N37 06.273 W113 38.781
1.4   Drop L down into Keyhole Wash
Head up wash
1.5   L out of wash, then keep R, join DT
N37 06.253 W113 38.853
2.0   L off DT
N37 06.141 W113 39.200
2.2   L uphill on DT
N37 06.073 W113 39.300
2.3   Straight on DT for ICup
N37 06.032 W113 39.342
(L = classic ST ride)
2.6   L at top of cuesta
2.9   L on ST, head downhill
N37 05.712 W113 39.553
3.0   Classic joins on L, keep straight
N37 05.727 W113 39.503
3.7   Drop off ridge, hard R up Rock Wash
N37 06.024 W113 38.767
Stay in wash bottom
4.4   R on DT uphill
N37 05.727 W113 39.315
4.6   L at DT intersection at top
N37 05.656 W113 39.538
drop straight through dip then up
4.7   DT intersection, go straight to ST
N37 05.607 W113 39.533
4.9   DH ST joins on R, keep downhill
N37 05.519 W113 39.447
5.0   Connector from Barrel joins on R
N37 05.574 W113 39.300
At dip, keep R to avoid cheater routes
5.8   Steep drop toward slickrock area
5.9   DH ST joins on R, keep L
N37 05.607 W113 38.443
6.0   Veer L on DT
N37 05.603 W113 38.390
Keep L at fork, cross wash
N37 05.612 W113 38.373
(R = classic finish)
6.1   R on DT, over small hill
N37 05.665 W113 38.348
Follow this DT to finish
6.5   Back at start

Getting there: Take the Bluff Street I-15 exit in St. George and turn west. Immediately turn south (left) on Hilton Drive. Go past the golf course and turn right when you reach Dixie Drive. Turn left at the sign for Green Valley Spa. Drive past the spa onto dirt at the end of the road. Turn right at the top of the mesa, then immediately left to drive down into the deep valley. Park at the open area in the valley bottom. The trail is the first dirt doubletrack on the right. (To climb the singletrack, go across the small wash to the second doubletrack and head north. This will become singletrack.)

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