Guacamole Trail
The Guacamole trail is a fun addition to southern Utah's trail system. The riding is a mix of undulating open-rock riding plus singletrack through pinion, juniper, and brush. An intermediate rider should be able to do almost everything on this trail. For the techies, there are ledges and stunts just a few feet away from the trail. There's only about 100 feet of elevation change over the trail. It's constant up-and-down, very similar to nearby Gooseberry Mesa or Little Creek. Total riding distance is about 6.5 miles. In slickrock areas, the trail is marked with small rockpiles. Two more-technical side trails (shown on map) offer extended riding.
Riding notes, Classic Guacamole:
0.0  R from road on rock following cairns
N37 13.575 W113 06.869
1.1  Keep L for Margarita Trail
N37 13.103 W113 07.501
1.5  West ST rejoins, keep L
N37 12.775 W113 07.447
1.6  ST rejoins, keep L
N37 12.713 W113 07.417
2.1  Keep R for counterclockwise loop
N37 12.398 W113 07.236
2.6  South ST joins on R (hard to spot)
Keep L N37 12.153 W113 06.990
3.2  Fork L (R = South ST)
N37 12.178 W113 06.633

4.4  Loop fork, R to return
N37 12.398 W113 07.236
4.8  Keep R (L = West Cliffs)
N37 12.713 W113 07.417
4.9  Keep R (L = West Cliffs)
N37 12.775 W113 07.447
5.3  Keep R (L = West Cliffs)
N37 13.103 W113 07.501
6.5  Back at trailhead

Note: the West Cliff and South ST are not
authorized routes. They're mentioned here
and shown on the map for navigation purposes.

Getting there: From La Verkin, turn towards Zion National Park on Highway 9. Go 7 miles from the traffic light where you turned east in La Verkin, through the town of Virgin, and past the Kolob Reservoir Road on the left. At 7.3 miles, you'll see a dirt road on the north (left) side of the street (GPS N 37° 11.874'  W 113° 09.876'). This is Dalton Wash Road. Drive north 1.9 miles. As the road turns east, you'll come to a fork (GPS N 37° 12.456'  W 113° 08.268'). Turn left (north). Go 1.7 miles, then keep straight at the fork to climb up to the top of the mesa. (Park here if conditions are wet!)  Immediately as you get to the top of the mesa, the road forks again. Go right (east) about 100 yards after the fork, there's an open slickrock area on your right (GPS N 37° 13.575'  W 113° 06.852'). This is where the ride starts. You'll head straight west across the rock area to pick up the trail as it enters the trees.

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