Gold Bar Rim Singletrack
The Gold Bar Rim Singletrack (formerly known as the Blue Dot trail) is a technical route along the edge of the cliffs north of Moab. The trail follows the cliff edge four miles from the Gold Bar overlook to the intersection of Poison Spider with the Portal Trail. This is a double-black diamond expert-level trail. Riding season is April through November. This guide is a route from Highway 313 to Highway 279. Shuttle or long road return required.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk.
Riding notes, Getaway / Great Escape / Rim / Portal:
0.0   Getaway TH, top of Gemini Bridges road
L on Getaway ST N38 34.409 W109 47.504
0.6   Keep R (L = Mustang)
N38 34.710 W109 47.295
1.5   Straight (7-up crosses)
N38 35.013 W109 46.666
3.1   Keep L (R = to Bull Run)
N38 35.646 W109 45.594
3.2   Keep straight (L = 7-up connector)
N38 35.691 W109 45.493
7.8   Straight (R = Bull Run, L = Arth's)
N38 35.258 W109 42.221
Cross Gemini road to Great Escape
9.6   Cross Bull Canyon Road
N38 34.966 W109 40.963
11.2 R on Little Canyon ST
N38 35.683 W109 40.627
11.8 Confusing area, head toward ledge
(L = out to Gold Bar road)
12.1 Cross Gold Bar 4x4, begin Gold Bar ST
N38 35.881 W109 40.143
13.5 Drop down to old DT
14.3 L on Gold Bar 4x4
N38 36.427 W109 39.240
15.8 Gold Bar Overlook
N38 36.880 W109 38.508
R along Gold Bar Rim
Keep L when Golden Spike touches
19.1 L to Portal Trail
N38 35.039 W109 35.680
21.1 Highway 279
N38 33.510 W109 35.272
L to 191, R to Poison Spider parking
Getting there:
Take the Gemini Bridges Road 4.5 miles from Highway 191 then turn left at the Gold Bar Rim road. If you're driving, find a parking spot here. Head uphill on the Gold Bar Rim Road then turn left onto the Gold Bar Rim ST. Follow the paint until you rejoin the Gold Bar 4x4 route. At the cliff edge, head right (southwest) on the slickrock.
To leave a shuttle at the Poison Spider trailhead: On 191 at the bottom of the canyon (just past the old tailings pile), turn west onto U-278 (also called Potash Road). Drive 6 miles then turn right up a short dirt road with a sign that says "Dinosaur Tracks." There's a bathroom at the parking area.
Full area-wide topo recommended (print separately from website).