Fruit Loops - Fruit Heights Mountain Bike Trail System
The Fruit Heights trail system lies between the homes of Fruit Heights and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. It consists of an easier loop on the outside and three downhill flow trails inside that loop, with around 3 miles total. Trail options range from Beginner to High-Expert. The trails are well-engineered and a lot of fun.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2019
Getting there:
From I-15 near Farmington, turn onto US-89 northbound. In 1/2 mile, take the Main Street Fruit Heights exit. After turning right onto Main Street, immediately turn left onto Mountain Road. Drive northbound around a mile, then spot Eastoaks Drive on your right and follow Eastoaks all the way up to a T intersection with 1080 East. Turn right. Eastoaks:  If you plan to start at the Eastoaks access trail near the flood basin, turn quickly right again as Eastoaks descends to a parking circle.
BST/1080 East parking: After turning onto 1080 East, continue straight to the end of the pavement. You can either park on the uphill side of the street and head for the ride-around to the right of the gate, or you can head steeply uphill to the BST parking area -- and backtrack downhill to the gate.
Alternate (Bella Vista BST) access: When exiting US-89 onto Main Street, go to the right and drive around 1/3 mile to turn left on 1400 North. At a T intersection, turn right on Compton Road. Take the next left, which is Grandview Drive. At another T intersection, turn left on Bella Vista and follow it to the end. Park on the uphill side and begin riding the doubletrack Bonneville Shoreline trail. You'll reach the Green loop in 1/3 mile, on your left. Turn 180 degrees onto the trail so you're riding clockwise.