Four Bay trail system, Payson Canyon.  Print the high-resolution topo map to accompany this guide
Riding Guide, Four Bays Tour from Access DT:
0.0   Around/over gate, up gravel road
        N39 58.767 W111 41.516
0.4   Pass orange gate, immediate L on ST
        Orange Gate trail N39 59.027 W111 41.467
Alternate route, from Maple Dell parking:
  0.0   North from parking on road left of canal
          N39 58.407 W111 41.488
  1.2   At pond, L south of pond
          N39 59.303 W111 41.395
          200 feet, then L downhill on DT
  1.3   Pass Overlook Tr on R
          Pass Favorite Tr on R
  1.6   At gate, R on Orange Gate Tr
          N39 59.027 W111 41.467
          (Add 1.2 to mileages below)

Continue Orange Gate Trail
0.6   L on JMC N39 59.087 W111 41.614
1.0   Keep L on JMC (R = return)
        N39 59.171 W111 41.738
1.3   R on Little Shawn (L = to road)
        N39 59.277 W111 41.869
2.1   Straight (L), back on JMC
        N39 59.171 W111 41.738
2.5   Back at fork, L on Favorite
        N39 59.171 W111 41.738
2.9   Straight uphill on road
        N39 59.218 W111 41.458
        200 feet, then L on Overlook
        N39 59.267 W111 41.442
3.2   L on Round Top N39 59.376 W111 41.522
3.3   Fork L on loop N39 59.447 W111 41.557
3.6   Back at fork (from 3.3), keep L
3.7   Back at Overlook, go L
        N39 59.376 W111 41.522
3.9   Through gully, immediate L on Ray Gun
        N39 59.376 W111 41.341
4.0   Keep L (R = Taze) N39 59.412 W111 41.286
4.1   Keep L (R = Taze rejoins)
        N39 59.480 W111 41.227
4.5   L on DT through gate
        N39 59.672 W111 41.078
        (Note Kaya on uphill for return trip)
        Veer L on ST (Lariat)
4.6   L on loop of Lariat
        N39 59.707 W111 41.120
5.3   L to exit Lariat loop
        N39 59.854 W111 41.116
5.4   L to join DT, through gate
        N39 59.900 W111 41.084
        Find Karl's ST just past gate
        Fork R uphill (Karl's Loop)
        N39 59.910 W111 41.074
7.1   Back at loop fork, keep R
        Through gate, L on ST (Lariat)
7.2   Keep L N39 59.854 W111 41.116
7.7   Keep L N39 59.707 W111 41.120
7.8   Join DT through gate N39 59.672 W111 41.078
        Immediate L uphill on Kaya singletrack
8.8   R uphill on Jax N39 59.354 W111 41.260
9.0   L on Taze N39 59.462 W111 41.230
9.1   Keep L, join Ray Gun
        N39 59.413 W111 41.289
9.2   R and plunge through gully
        N39 59.376 W111 41.341
        150 ft, then L and climb wall of pond
        N39 59.396 W111 41.373
        Ride south between the ponds
9.3   L at end of pond toward canal
        N39 59.316 W111 41.428
        (DT on downhill side = back to Access
         road if you're skipping the canal trail)
        100 feet, then R on trail along canal
        N39 59.302 W111 41.395
10.6 At Maple Dell parking
        R downhill on road 0.3 miles
10.9 Back at Access parking
Getting there: Take the Payson Main Street Exit 250 from I-15 and turn south towards town. Drive into Payson on U-115 to the traffic light, then turn left on 100 North, U-198. About 1/3 mile later, at a traffic light on the top of a small hill, turn right at 600 East. Drive up the Nebo Loop Road.
Access road:  The Four Bays Access road will be on your left at mile 5.5, but you won't see the road or gate until you've pulled into the parking area. Look for a wide shoulder with an old log fence N39 58.764 W111 41.513. The ride starts by heaving your bike over the gate and ducking under the dork-basher. There's paved parking and a kiosk about 200 feet further uphill on the right if the trailhead parking is full.
Maple Dell parking:  Drive uphill to mile 5.8. As you see the signs for the Maple Dell scout camp up the road on the right, turn left into the paved parking area.  There's a bathroom near the entrance. On the downhill (north) side of the parking lot, go to the cindered path to the left of the canal.