Ensign Peak (City Creek to Bountiful Bonneville Shoreline Trail)
The Ensign Peak portion of the BST offers three riding options: (1) Straight-through trip from City Creek to Bountiful on the BST, 5 miles each way. Hard-core types will then ride to North Canyon on city streets and do the loop to descend Mueller Park, then backtrack. 27 miles, hard, but not as hard as it sounds. (2) Climb from City Creek to the peak above Ensign Peak and backtrack. 6 miles, 900 feet of climbing. This route has my recommendation. (3) Up BST then fork to Ensign Peak, descend directly to the city then loop back on road. 3.5 miles ST, 2.1 miles pavement.

Riding notes, Ensign Peak Loop (from City Creek Trailhead):
0.0   ST uphill at City Creek Road - Bonneville Blvd
N40 47.416 W111 52.740
0.05 Fork R uphill  N40 47.411 W111 52.793
0.4   Straight (R = to road)   N40 47.652 W111 52.592
1.0   L uphill (R = no bikes)   N40 48.089 W111 52.351
2.2   Fork L on ridgeline   N40 48.088 W111 53.225
2.5   Fork L up to viewpoint   N40 47.914 W111 53.257
2.6   Viewpoint. Backtrack   N40 47.878 W111 53.206
2.7   Hard L (at previous fork) and drop down west
2.9   Keep straight, head up to peak   N40 48.291 W111 53.808
3.0   At monument. Backtrack
3.1   R downhill (at previous fork)
3.4   Straight (L), R = view   N40 47.590 W111 53.305
3.5   At road, go L   N40 47.734 W111 53.445
3.8   Fork R   N40 47.523 W111 52.964
4.7   Fork L (ignore "One Way" - applies only to cars)
N40 46.800 W111 53.129
5.6   Back at parking
Riding notes, BST to Bountiful (bypass peak):
To ridgeline at mile 2.2 as above
2.2   Fork R on ridgeline   N40 48.088 W111 53.225
(Option: short ridgeline jaunt to viewpoint and
back, adds 0.8 mile for the round trip)
3.2   Fork R on DT   N40 48.197 W111 53.708
3.3   Straight and downhill on BST  N40 48.291 W111 53.808
4.9   DT ends at subdivision road  N40 49.361 W111 54.133

Getting there: From North Temple in Salt Lake City, head north uphill on E Street (around 5th East). At 11th Avenue, turn left and drive until 11th Avenue ends at the edge of City Creek Canyon. Turn right on the one-way (no passing: the left lane is for bikers and pedestrians). As you reach the turn to cross the creek, pull over at the small parking area at the bottom of the canyon (GPS N 40° 47.388' W 111° 52.709'). The trail starts across the creek, on the north side of the paved City Creek road. If the parking spot is full, find roadside parking around the bend. Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk. Copyright 2008 Mad Scientist Software, Inc.