Dutch Hollow Trail System
Dutch Hollow Trail System is a series of interconnected singletrack loops, plus a couple of out-and-backs, located in a foothill area just northeast of Midway. The typical segment of trail is about 1.5 to 3 miles, so you can put together an amazing variety of rides. The full system offers around 12 miles of singletrack, plus the Dutchman Road. Trailhead altitude is 5750 feet; peak singletrack altitude is 6400. You can create loops of trails that are smooth and reasonably easy (Aqueduct, Cottontail, Dutchman). Or hit the tough stuff (Boneyard, 1000 Turns, Enchanted Forest) for narrow and rough with roots, rocks, and stumps.
Here's a great riding route for advanced riders: From the parking area, backtrack to the paved-road turnaround . At the end of the turnaround, head north on Dutchman Way for your warm-up. Drop downhill on Dutchman Road 1/4 mile, and hang a right to climb up Sage . At the ridgeline, turn left on Enchanged Forest . Loop around 1000 Turns then backtrack down that first section of Enchanted Forest. Now head on to Boneyard . Follow Boneyard around to Gobblers Grove and turn left to get back to your starting point. Now head south (left) to continue the Sage Loop . Before touching the parking area, turn hard right and head up Cottontail . Reaching Burnt Ridge , head to the Lookout , admire the view, then backtrack and catch the homeward bound half of Cottontail back to parking.
Getting there, via Provo canyon: Drive east to the end of Deer Creek Reservoir. Right where the water ends, turn left (north) on U-113. Zero your odometer. Drive north 3.8 miles into Midway, and turn right (east) as U-113 turns right in the middle of town. 0.4 miles later (mile 4.2), turn left (north) on River Road. Keep right at mile 5.4, turning east. At mile 6.1, a sign points you to Dutchman Hollow - Dutch Canyon. Turn left and drive 0.5 mile on pavement. The pavement ends at a turnaround where the Dutchman Way trail begins, GPS N 40° 32.495' W 111° 27.224'. Turn right downhill at the sign for Wasatch Mountain State Park. The preferred parking area is 0.3 miles down the gravel road to your right. Trailhead info (and bathroom) is at GPS N 40° 32.704' W 111° 27.187'.
From Salt Lake City: Go up Parleys Canyon on I-80, then turn right (south) on US-40. Just after descending from the dam, watch for River Road on your right. Drive about 2 miles, turning right at the Dutch Canyon sign. Find the trailhead as above.

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