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Dino Cliffs Trail  - Connections to Church Rocks and Prospector
The Dino Cliffs Trail is a singletrack route along the low red cliffs just north of Washington. The trail itself is short (1.8 miles), but you must ride dirt road to get there. The ride is 4.3 miles as a loop and about the same as an out-and-back. Total climbing is around 300 feet, with lowest altitude 3000 feet. The ride is intermediate technical with a few short advanced spots, but the eastern end is easy and suitable for beginners. The trail offers a connection to Prospector and Church Rocks trails.
Please print full riding information from main trail page for instructions on connecting to this trail via city streets, or for using this trail to connect to Church Rocks or Prospector.
Riding notes, CC loop from Grapevine:
0.0  DT northeast (uphill parallel to freeway)
       N37 08.981 W113 29.430
0.1  Gate with stepover
       N37 09.029 W113 29.370
0.2  Pass old ST on R (keep straight)
0.4  Gate with stepover
0.9  L on DT (R = Prospector)
       N37 09.426 W113 28.786
1.1  L on ST on rock near top of hill
       N37 09.551 W113 28.819
       Begin Dino Cliffs
1.7  Trail drops to below rock break
2.4  Turn R (old fork)
       N37 09.342 W113 29.806
2.8  Dip washbottom, begin sandy hike
       (vs. ride in-and-out down wash)
2.9  Stepover gate, straight, then L
       N37 09.333 W113 30.193
3.0  L (south) downhill on dirt road
       N37 09.314 W113 30.217
3.3  Keep L (straight)
       N37 09.055 W113 30.243
3.5  Turn L (east)
       N37 08.914 W113 30.255
4.3  Back at parking
Getting there, Grapevine Trailhead:  On I-15 just north of Washington, take exit 13 for Washington Parkway. Turn north on Washington Parkway toward the mountain (left if you're coming from St.G). 100 yards later, notice the primitive parking zone on the shoulder to your right. You'll see a broad trail with a carsonite trail marker for the Grapevine Trail. N37 08.981 W113 29.430. Ride to the step-over on the side of the gate and pedal northeast parallel to the freeway as the dirt road climbs the hill.

Copyright 2007 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions, connections, and alignment will change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.