Dark Hollow Trail
The Dark Hollow Trail is an advanced-technical downhill romp that begins on Brian Head Peak. Trailhead elevation is 11,300 (11,000 if you start from the shuttle parking area rather than the peak). It descends 5,300 feet to Parowan. But to avoid riding on the highway, most riders park their shuttle vehicle at the mouth of Second Left-hand Canyon at 6600 feet altitude. Length of the combined singletrack and doubletrack to the highway is 12 miles. Add 4 miles of paved road if you're going into Parowan.
The trail begins on Brian Head Peak. This first 1.5 miles is fairly easy riding, but can be cool and exposed to wind. At the fork, you turn left, while Bunker Creek is straight ahead and Lowder Ponds is to your right.
The trail is easy to follow, with signs at every trail intersection. The only spot that wasn't marked was the intersection of the singletrack with the Second Left-hand Canyon road. (Just remember you're going downhill -- turn left at the road. But if you want to go uphill to Yankee Meadows Reservoir, you can go down First Left-hand Canyon to the highway from there. It adds about 2 miles.)

After 6 miles, you'll leave the singletrack and turn left on the Second Left-hand Canyon road. Here, you'll coast another 6 miles down to the highway. The trees change from spruce and aspen to juniper, fir, pinion, and box elder.
Shuttle service is available from the bike shops at Brian Head. Cost per rider (summer 2001) is $12. The Bike Park (Giant Steps) shuttle gave one free ride on the chairlift with the shuttle fee.

Getting there: Leave your shuttle car on U-143, anywhere below Second Left-hand Canyon (the canyon is up the second gravel road on the left after entering the canyon). GPS of the intersection of U-143 with the trail is N 37° 47.931' W 112° 49.350'. On U-143, head up the canyon from Brian Head to the summit. Just 1/4 mile past the summit sign, turn left on a gravel road (GPS N 37° 40.136' W 112° 50.350'). Drive 2.5 miles to the peak of the mountain to start your ride. GPS is GPS N 37° 40.904' W 112° 49.827'. (Note the parking area to your left at 1.8 miles. Once you start riding, you'll turn onto the singletrack across the road.)

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