Casto Canyon Trail
Like a miniature Bryce Canyon, spires of orange rock rise above you on the canyon walls, among pine and cedar. The lower 3.7 miles is an easy ride on ATV trail; then there's a loop with 2 miles of fairly technical singletrack and steeper ATV path. The loop ride is 14.4 miles, with 1000 vertical feet altitude gain, to a peak of 8000. Out-and-back on the lower section is 7.4 miles, 600 ft vertical.
Riding notes for loop version:
0 trailhead
0.4 metal gate, continue straight
3.7 signpost marking fork of singletrack off ATV trail GPS N 37° 48.174' W 112° 17.062', go right across creek
5.1 pass Casto Springs
5.4 steep short climb up out of wash on left, last chance to wash the chain
5.7 reach Fremont Trail ATV path GPS N 37° 48.158' W 112° 15.372', turn left uphill.
7.5 after crossing large "meadow" area, descend steeply into creek then climb again
8.5 junction of Fremont Trail with Casto Canyon ATV Trail GPS N 37° 49.577' W 112° 16.687', turn left.
10.7 back to junction of ATV trail with singletrack, turn right downhill.
14.4 back at trailhead

Fremont Trail View

Another riding option is to head down the Cassidy Trail, either to highway 12 for a road return, or to Losee Canyon. Be warned -- the Cassidy Trail is hard to find, and hard to ride. Cassidy forks south (right) off Casto near Casto Springs, about 0.5 miles from where the singletrack meets the Fremont Trail. If you plan on using the Cassidy Trail, consider exploring it from the bottom end, where it's wide and well-marked. (Trailhead is the "Red Canyon" Trailhead, 2.5 miles uphill from the "Red Canyon" sign on the left at GPS N 37° 44.692' W 112° 18.090'.)
Getting there: From US-89, drive 2.9 miles east on U-12 (towards Bryce Canyon National Park). Turn left on the gravel road marked for Casto Canyon. Drive 3 miles. Parking is on your left, the trailhead is on the right at GPS N 37° 47.038' W 112° 19.919'.

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