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Cassidy Trail
The Cassidy Trail is a little-known but awesome ride. The trail is upper-intermediate technical, moderate aerobic. Altitude is around 7500 feet. The trail starts on Highway 12 in Red Canyon, and connects to the Casto Canyon and Losee Canyon trails. Ride options include out-and-back (to Braxton Point 5.5 miles round trip), loop with Losee Canyon (14 miles), or a loop with Casto Canyon (20 miles). Done as a loop (or shuttle ride) up Cassidy then down Losee Canyon, it's a world-class ride. The scenery is colorful limestone with a sprinkling of manzanita, cedar, long-leaf and bristlecone pine. Temperatures are warm but tolerable at mid-day in summer.
Cassidy to Losee Canyon Loop, counterclockwise
0.0   Trailhead on U-12, N on ST
        N 37 44.111' W 112 18.089'
0.9   Fork R (L = Rich Trail)
        N 37 45.320' W 112 17.890'
2.3   Rich Trail rejoins
2.4   Fork L (R = Rich Trail)
        N 37 45.775' W 112 18.349'
2.8   View, Braxton Point
        N 37 46.062' W 112 18.352' Alt=7860
3.2   Trails rejoin and split, veer R (L = Rich)
        N 37 45.944' W 112 17.963'

3.5   Rich Trail rejoins on L
        N 37 46.036' W 112 17.724'
5.2   Begin steep descent
5.7   Bottom of canyon, L to Losee
        (R = Cassidy continues to Casto)
        N 37 46.638' W 112 17.292'
9.1   Losee Canyon trailhead, L on gravel road
        N 37 46.183' W 112 20.054'
11    L up paved road
12    Transfer to paved bike trail along road
14.1 Watch for trailhead (hard to see across road)

Getting there: From US-89, drive 4.2 miles east on U-12 (towards Bryce Canyon National Park). Pass the Thunder Mountain trailhead, the Visitor's Center, and a campground. Watch for a turnoff into a well-hidden parking area on the left, signed "Red Canyon Trailhead." The Cassidy Trail begins at the northeast corner of the parking area. N 37 44.111' W 112 18.089'

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