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Bull Run Trail
The Bull Run trail is an excellent slickrock and singletrack ride along the cliffs on the northern edge of Bull Canyon. The singletrack is 4.8 miles in length, with a vertical change of 1000 feet. The top altitude is 6000 feet at Highway 313. Riding season is April through mid-November. Bull Run is the first segment of an epic point-to-point ride of 22 miles called the Magnificent 7 or Mag 7. However, Bull Run can be done as a single trail with shuttle, as an out-and-back, or as a loop ride by combining the Gemini Bridges road.
Bull Run Loop from 313 (or Mag 7 to mile 6.3):
0.0   Start east on dirt road
        N38 34.407 W109 47.507
0.6   Pass road on R, keep straight
        (alt = R, then L on DT before green tank)
0.9   Pass old DT N38 34.679 W109 46.678
1.1   Right to trailhead N38 34.900 W109 46.592
        100 feet then R on ST N38 34.921 W109 46.580
2.7   Cross gate N38 35.230 W109 45.502
4.6   Cross Crips Hole Rd N38 35.379 W109 43.511
5.7   R on Gemini Bridges Rd N38 35.292 W109 42.873
6.0   R toward Gemini Bridges N38 35.306 W109 42.589
6.1   Park bikes N38 35.233 W109 42.605
        Walk to bridges (0.2 mile each way)
        Leave parking to east, pass viewpoints
6.3   Hard L on main road N38 35.252 W109 42.408
        Mag 7:  R and downhill on road
        Catch Arth's Corner ST on L, 0.15 miles down road

6.5   Pass spur to Gemini, keep straight
7.4   Pass Crips Hole Rd on L, keep straight
        N38 35.517 W109 43.464
8.3   Keep straight (Metal Masher in from R)
12.0 Back at car
Getting there:
From I-70 and Crescent Junction, drive south on US-191 for 20 miles (about 9 miles north of the Colorado River if you're driving out from Moab) to Highway 313. Drive 13 miles on 313 to the Gemini Bridges sign and turn L onto dirt road. Find a spot to park if you're doing the Mag 7, or riding the loop from the uphill end.
If you're riding up to Bull Run (loop ride) from Gemini Bridges, drive down the gravel road 6 miles to the Gemini Bridges parking area.

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