Kaysville Bonneville Shoreline
The Kaysville section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a nicely built, broad singletrack that offers a good variety of riding. The trail is intermediate technical, but beginners can manage this trail nicely with an occasional hike-a-bike up or down a couple of steeper sections. Altitude gain is only 300 feet, starting at 4750. At the southern trailhead, the trail starts as a broad, easy doubletrack. This section has exercise stations periodically along the trail. The first 0.7 miles of doubletrack is a good ride for families and beginners.
Riding notes, south to north:
0.0  At the sign, drop left between two rocks
0.4  R uphill on ST
0.8  Spur to view on L, small trails on R climb
to southbound DT higher on mountain
0.9  Holmes Creek bridge
1.8  Adams Canyon view, steep dip
1.9  Adams Canyon (N Fk Kays Cr) bridge
2.0  Fork, stay R uphill
3.0  Snow Creek
3.5  South Fork Kays Creek Bridge
3.7  Trail ends Fernwood Picnic Area
Option extension north: Drop down the gravel road through Fernwood Picnic Area. At pavement, continue straight down then uphill. As the road turns right, follow it around. About half-way from the turn to the street's end, spot a dirt doubletrack with an iron gate along a block wall/fence. The trail continues 1.1 miles north, then turns downhill. This is a good turnaround.
Option Great Western:
Where the trail enters Fernwood Picnic Area, fork R uphill onto the GWT. The trail climbs up the Middle Fork of Kays Creek, crosses a bridge at 0.8, then heads over a ridge. The view at the ridgeline (1 mile, 5700 ft) is a good turnaround. If you continue, the trail gets steep with loose rock around mile 1.7.

Getting there:  Southern Trailhead -- Exit I-15 onto US-89. Zero your odometer as you go under the first overpass on the exit. Drive north 3.3 miles to a stoplight at 200 North in Kaysville. There's a small "Kaysville" sign on the right side of US-89. Turn right, then immediately left. Follow the road up to "East Mountain Wilderness Park," parking in the gravel area just before the sign. GPS N 41° 02.770' W 111° 54.192'. The doubletrack just past the sign is the trail. (The bike entrance is between two large boulders just before the doubletrack.)
Northern Trailhead -- Continue another 2.6 miles north, turning right at "Cherry Lane - Valley View Drive" then immediately turn left. 0.5 miles from US-89, turn right on Fernwood Drive. Follow Fernwood uphill, turning right at the T-intersection. When the pavement ends at 1.1 miles from US-89, continue into the Fernwood Picnic Area. Ignore the first parking area (on your right), continuing uphill to the end of the road. The trailhead is at the south (right) end, just past the big rock-pile, heading level and south, GPS N 41° 05.252' W 111° 54.092'. Ignore any trails heading uphill -- these connect to the Great Western.

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