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Black Hill - Quarry and Limekiln
The Black Hill riding area has over 12 named trails with multiple riding options. This ride combines a bit of cruising, tech, climbing, and DH. There's around 2200 vertical feet of climbing. Navigation may be complex. GPS-guided riding is suggested even with a map and directions! Riding season May through November.
Riding notes, Quarry to Linekiln DH ride
0.0   R on DT N39 22.456 W111 32.561
0.6   L on ST Rabbit Run N39 22.440 W111 31.982
2.1   R on dirt road N39 22.756 W111 32.111
2.2   Veer R and east N39 22.867 W111 32.001
2.3   L on ST lower Cougar Alley N39 22.838 W111 31.861
2.5   Straight on DT northbound ATV 46
        N39 22.880 W111 31.703
3.1   L downhill on ST N39 23.246 W111 31.507
3.4   Keep L (R=back up) N39 23.227 W111 31.758
3.7   Cross road to ST Quarry N39 23.105 W111 31.994
4.7   Cross DT and climb small canyon
5.9   At DT, keep straight N39 23.370 W111 33.383
6.0   Multi-road fork, keep straight N39 23.342 W111 33.501
        Keep generally straight and southbound
6.8   L on ST Cow Run N39 22.776 W111 33.882
7.3   L uphill to join summit DT N39 22.429 W111 33.693
9.1   Summit. Veer R to DT N39 22.979 W111 32.296
        Take ST option when available
10.2 Out of wash to road, downhill N39 22.425 W111 32.991
10.3 Hard L and uphill (R=to town) N39 22.324 W111 33.107
10.5 L and uphill N39 22.276 W111 32.958
        Option: R downhill 0.3 mi to main road
10.7 Drop R steeply to main road, then L
        N39 22.408 W111 32.742
10.9 At parking
Getting there:  On US-89 in Ephraim, turn east (toward the mountains) on 100 North. Drive until the road turns to gravel, and continue 2.7 miles from the center of town. As you cross a cattleguard, note the parking area and the kiosk to your right. The road straight ahead north is the main WMA road. The smaller dirt road forking to the east is the doubletrack you'll ride to reach Rabbit Run or Cougar Alley. Water:  none. Bathrooms:  none