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Barrel Roll Trail
The Barrel Roll Trail is an intermediate-level trail in the Santa Clara River Preserve, just west of Santa Clara. It's a loop ride 6 miles in length. Starting altitude is 3100 feet, top 3500. The trail undulates up and down, making total climbing around 700. You'll like this ride. It's quick and close to civilization, not too brutal, with nice views. It shares a trailhead with the Black Brush trail.
Navigation is straight-forward. There are no forks or branches. Just ride to the start of the loop 0.1 miles from the trailhead, and decide which way you want to ride. I like clockwise, because it puts a couple of tricky rock stunts on the downhill. If you like a challenge, ride the loop both directions to see if you can clear everything both up and down.

Riding guide, clockwise:
0.0  Enter Barrel Roll Trail (left)
0.1  Fork, go left
       Gradual climb
0.6 Views to the left off cliffs
0.8  Keep straight (L=Sidewinder)
0.9  First crest, descend
1.1  Cross cattleguard in fence
       Begin climbing again
2.3  High point of ride
2.4  Furthest west, some tech fun here
3.0  Views of gorge of Santa Clara
3.1  Note Black Brush trail below you
3.4  Trail turns at end of canyon
3.6  Just a bit away from outgoing trail here
4.2  Gate in fence
4.5  Turn in canyon, not too far from cattleguard
       Cruising faster now
5.9  Back at fork
6.0  Parking
Getting there:  In St. George, head north on Bluff Street and turn left on Sunset Blvd. Drive 3 miles west on Sunset through Santa Clara. As you're reaching the end of Santa Clara, look for a road crossing the river on your left. It's about 200 feet before the Jacob Hamblin Home (which will be on your right if you pass the turn). Turn and cross the river and follow the road as it turns right. About 0.4 miles from Hwy 191, turn left onto the dirt Stucki Springs road. At mile 0.7, turn right at the sign "Santa Clara Preserve" or "Cove Wash Trailhead." Pass the water tank, and at mile 1.3, turn right again through the fence. This road will veer left to a log-fence parking area at mile 1.5, N37 07.253 W113 40.508.

Copyright 2008 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.