View west over the Great Salt LakeAntelope Island
Antelope Island, in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, can be biked virtually year round.  Early spring and late fall are best. There's singletrack on the Lakeside Trail at Bridger Bay, at Elephant Head, and on the East Side Trail. Doubletrack loops include White Rock Bay loop and Split Rock Bay loop. Slopes are not steep, but surface can occasionally be loose due to debris kicked up by horses on the doubletracks. In spring, plan for mosquitoes or biting flies.
White Rock Bay Loop ("Backcountry Loop"), 9.2 miles, trailhead N 41° 01.445' W 112° 14.412'

Lakeside Trail, 3 miles each way, north (Bridger Bay) trailhead N 41° 02.394' W 112° 15.727'. South (White Rock Bay) trailhead N 41° 01.669' W 112° 15.060'. (From south end, connect 1/2 mile south to White Rock Bay loop)

Elephant Head, 1.5 mile each way. South end of White Rock Bay Loop, climb south up ridge on DT, then turn R on ST at top of ridge.

Split Rock Bay Loop , 10 miles. South end of White Rock Bay Loop, climb south up ridge on DT. Keep on DT to fork, then drop down in broad valley towards shore.

East Side Trail, approx 5 miles each way (south end still under construction). At fork in road near marina, keep left to trailhead at second fork in the road, head south.

Antelope Island Trail Map

Getting there: Just drive I-15 towards Syracuse (south of Ogden, north of Salt Lake City). Exit at the "Antelope Island" sign and turn west (away from the mountains, towards the lake). You'll be on Antelope Drive. Just drive west until you hit the lake. There's a $7 fee that includes payment to use the causeway over the lake, and your admission to the state park. With payment of the fee, you'll receive a road and trail map of the island.

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