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Bloomington Micro-loop
The Bloomington Micro-loop is a quick ride that starts at the Bloomington trailhead for the Bearclaw Poppy trail. It features about 4 miles of nice narrow singletrack, then two miles on gravel road to close the loop. Total length is 6 miles. There's about 200 feet total elevation change. The singletrack is easier intermediate-technical. Many riders use the westbound leg of the loop to connect to the Stucki Springs trail or to the Bearclaw Poppy trail, and ignore the return leg.
The Microloop is designed to be ridden ONE WAY. Start out like you're going to ride Bearclaw Poppy. Just after you pass the western corner of the fence around the flood basin (about 1/4 mile from the step-over gate), fork left when you see the "Bloomington Micro-loop" sign. Now stay to the left and on what appears to be the main trail as you head northwest through the white desert soil. After about 1/2 mile, the trail will drop in to a wash. You'll follow the wash bottom a mile or so, still heading northwest.
About two miles from the beginning of the loop, the trail climbs out of the wash. You're back on the familiar white clay, still heading northwest. After a short distance on the white singletrack, you'll reach a clearly marked 4-way intersection. Straight ahead is the Stucki Springs trail; to the right is the connector to Bearclaw. Turn left. There should be a "Bloomington Microloop" sign here. Follow the singletrack down into the wash. The trail will head to the south, following the course of the wash. After about a mile in the wash, you'll reach a gate at the edge of the Desert Preserve, where the wash opens up. Climb over the metal gate. Turn left on the gravel road (Curly Hollow Road) and head back to the Bloomington Trailhead. You'll spend about two miles on the dirt road.
Mini-loop forks off Bearclaw Poppy: 37 03.221'  W 113 37.508'
Intersection (4-way) with Stucki:  37 04.156'  W 113 39.390'
Gate as singletrack hits Curly Hollow Road:  37 03.435'  W 113 39.440'
Getting there:  Go to the west end of Navajo Drive in Bloomington. Go across the cattle guard. See the low rail on the fence 100 feet to your right? That's the trailhead. N 37 03.116'  W 113 37.362'. Start out on Bearclaw Poppy, and fork left on the mini-loop about 1/3 mile later.

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