North Ogden Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Ogden Canyon to Nature Center
The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a series of trails along the slope of the Wasatch Mountains where the old shoreline of Lake Bonneville met the hills. Sections of trail are found from Brigham City to Payson. This section is 6 miles from Ogden Canyon to North Ogden Canyon.
Riding notes, Ogden Canyon to Nature Center:
0.0   Trail at east end of parking area
N41 14.211 W111 55.682
0.5   Fork R (L = to subdivision)
N41 14.530 W111 55.712
0.7   L across dirt road to ST, head north
N41 14.419 W111 55.575
1.4   Keep R uphill (L = down to canal DT)
N41 14.943 W111 55.822
2.1   Intersect canal route, keep R and uphill on ST
N41 15.318 W111 56.088
2.2   Keep R (L = to Douglas TH)
N41 15.389 W111 56.149
2.9   Keep R (L = Polk)
N41 15.838 W111 56.574
3.2   Keep R (L = South Jumpoff)
N41 15.998 W111 56.595
3.7   Straight (L = North Jumpoff)
N41 16.370 W111 56.698
4.0   Keep R uphill (L = Telephone Tr)
N41 16.584 W111 56.841
4.2   Fork L = to Nature Ctr
N41 16.702 W111 56.847
(Keep R if doing entire BST,
Nature Center trail reconnects at 4.7.
Keep uphill on ST there.)
4.3   Keep working downhill and westbound
4.4   Nature Center Trailhead on Harrison/North Mountain Road
Getting there, Rainbow Gardens TH: From the north, take the 12th Street exit off I-15 and drive towards Ogden Canyon on highway 39. Just before you'll enter the canyon, as you see Rainbow Gardens on your right, turn left into a small paved parking area with a bathroom.
From the south, get off I-15 in Farmington on US-89 and head north. A couple of miles after you pass under I-84, turn right onto Harrison Blvd, just as US-89 turns westward to enter Ogden.) Drive north a few miles on Harrison until you reach highway 39 for Ogden Canyon. Turn right and drive about 1/4 mile to the paved parking area on your left, just before entering the canyon.
The trail starts at the eastern end of the parking lot.

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