View at the ponds at Deer Valley from the first section of Rossi Hill. Photos Se...
View at the ponds at Deer Valley from the first section of Rossi Hill. Photos September 13, 2011.
Rossi Hill Trail
Snow Park Lodge to Park City Mountain Resort

via Rossi Hill, Ontario Ridge, Gina's Daly Bypass, Sweeney's

Some riders really hate pavement. Especially true of Park City riders. Seems there's a trail shortcutting through between every road. Following the local guys can be confusing: paved road, trail, trail fork, dirt road, trail, pavement, trail, trail fork, trail fork...

Sometimes the PC guys wind up descending Deer Crest from the upper mountain. Reaching the Snow Park (lower) lodge at Deer Valley, their pavement-allergic tires seek out singletrack for the return to the Park City resort. So here's how to do it like a native.

The route is hard to describe and tough to figure out, but once you've done it, it flows logically and is easy to retrace.

The trail climbs through fir, aspen and choke cherry.
The trail climbs through fir, aspen and choke cherry.
Entry to the continuing Rossi Hill Trail from hairpin turn of Royal Street.
Entry to the continuing Rossi Hill Trail from hairpin turn of Royal Street.
From Snow Park, head left on the road past the lodge-front parking. Take the first paved street on the left. Climb past the buildings, and as the road turns left, enter singletrack proceeding straight (on the right side of the road). You're now on Rossi Hill.
When the trail hits pavement, you're on Royal Street, the route to the upper (Silver Lake) lodge. Turn right, downhill, and coast 100 yards to the next turn. The trail is straight ahead.

Keep left uphill at the trail fork at mile 0.8 (right is an alternate route, but there are a couple of forks that might confuse you). At the next fork (mile 1.1) keep straight and right. The trail joining on downhill right is the alternate route returning, while left uphill is the continuing alternate.

At times the trail is narrow, but its fairly easy cruising and fun to ride.
At times the trail is narrow, but it's fairly easy cruising and fun to ride.
As the trail turns into the canyon of SR 224, it becomes dryer and the hillside ...
As the trail turns into the canyon of SR 224, it becomes dryer and the hillside becomes scrub oak and brush.
Descend. As you approach the road, keep right (the DT heading uphill shortcuts to the alternate route). Follow ST on an old road-grade, then as you approach SR 224, the trail turns hard L uphill.

At mile 1.5, you've hit the alternate trail. Turn hard right. When the trail descends to SR 224, cross over and climb up to Prospect on the ridgeline.

Turn hard left uphill on Prospect, then rapidly drop to the right on Ontario Ridge. Keep right and downhill at the next trail fork. (Note: Go left and uphill if you're heading for Tour des Suds or Empire Link!) Ontario Ridge will descend to Daly Grind. Fork right, downhill, on the dirt road. (To reach Gravedigger, go uphill, then after the water tank keep turning right until you hit singletrack next to the fence.)
View north over Park Citys old town.
View north over Park City's old town.
On the old road grade heading southwest above SR 224, the trail is in deep cool ...
On the old road grade heading southwest above SR 224, the trail is in deep cool forest.
Just as you're approaching the parking area where the road becomes paved, veer left uphill onto singletrack. This is Gina's Daly Bypass. Follow it to doubletrack near King Road and turn right downhill. At the gate, the dirt will turn into a paved driveway. Keep straight.

At paved King Road, turn left uphill. At the first turn, hop onto the South Sweeney King Road Connector singletrack. (Two turns higher up on King Road is a connector over to Johns Trail. Just FYI if you're planning to climb.) At the trail fork a little later, fork left uphill. You're on South Sweeney's. (You can also descend South Sweeney's and connect to Lowell Ave about 1/2 mile from the resort.)

A little bit uphill, fork right on a fairly level trail. This is the Sweeney Connector, which joins South Sweeney to Sweeney's Switchbacks. When you reach Sweeney's, fork right (going downhill on Sweeney's).
At the next fork, turn right, downhill. (Straight and left is the connector to Crescent Mine Grade and Flat Cable. This is an alternative route that puts you at the north parking lot of PCMR, but first climbs a fair bit.) About 150 feet later, Sweeney's forks to the right. The wide unmarked trail that goes straight is the PCMR connector. When it forks, go either way (I went left). The trails will rejoin.

Just above the city, the trail gets steep and a little nasty. Not fun is it's been raining. Descend to the street corner at Lowell Avenue. You're there.

Clinging to the hillside on Ginas Daly Bypass.
Clinging to the hillside on Gina's Daly Bypass.
Snow Park Lodge to PCMR:
0.0   North (clockwise on circle in front of lodge) on street
0.05 L on 1st road uphill N40 38.297 W111 28.743
0.1   R onto ST (Rossi Hill Trail) N40 38.371 W111 28.802
0.4   R (down) on Royal St N40 38.487 W111 29.093
0.5   L (straight) onto Rossi Hill ST at apex of turn
        N40 38.534 W111 29.162
0.8   Keep L (R = alternate) N40 38.552 W111 29.431
1.1   R (L = alternate crossing over)
        N40 38.395 W111 29.498
1.2   R toward road (L = climbs to alternate)
        N40 38.273 W111 29.507
1.4   180-turn to left, climb
1.5   Hard R (alternate rejoining) N40 38.205 W111 29.565
1.9   Cross paved road, up ST other side
        SR 224 N40 37.893 W111 29.702
2.0   Top of ridge, L uphill on Prospect
        N40 38.018 W111 29.743

        30 feet, R downhill on Ontario Ridge
2.1   Fork R to descend N40 37.971 W111 29.779

2.4   Cross creek to DT, R downhill (Daly Grind)
        N40 37.798 W111 29.994
2.6   L up onto ST (Gina's Daly Bypass)
        N40 37.941 W111 29.877
2.9   R downhill on DT, becomes paved drive
        N40 38.208 W111 29.841
3.0   L uphill on King Road N40 38.259 W111 29.814
3.2   Road turns, go straight onto ST
        N40 38.431 W111 29.871
        (S. Sweeney connector)
3.3   L uphill on South Sweeney N40 38.478 W111 29.892
3.35 R onto Sweeney Connector N40 38.507 W111 29.959
3.5   R on Sweeney's N40 38.645 W111 30.086
3.8   R downhill (L=CMG connector, Flat Cable)
        N40 38.723 W111 30.264
3.85 Straight (L) as Sweeney's forks R
        PCMR Connector N40 38.748 W111 30.254
4.0   L on ST (rejoins)
4.2   ST ends corner of Lovell Ave at PCMR
        N40 39.059 W111 30.340
Map of route shown
Map of route shown
Getting there:
This is NOT a destination trail -- it's a way of adding more dirt to a loop ride that takes you from the PCMR area to lower Deer Valley.
PCMR:  In Park City head south on Main Street, following the signs toward Park City Mountain Resort. At the stop light, turn right on Empire then keep right on Silver King Drive. As you see the first parking area, turn in and park there.
Deer Valley: Head south into Park City on Park Avenue. At the light, turn left following the Deer Valley signs to SR 224. Keep right at the next light. At the roundabout, leave SR 224 for Deer Valley Drive. As you turn past Snow Park Lodge, go downhill to the main parking lots.
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