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Red Mountain Trail  (St. George)
Note: Because of a "wilderness study area" designation, most of this trail is now closed to bikes. I can't recommend the short bit of this trail that remains open. I've retained this page as info for trail runners who use our site.

The Red Mountain Trail is 11 miles north of St. George, opposite the small town of Diamond Valley. This is not a casual-riding trail. It's one of the meanest, roughest little trails in the St. George area -- a brutally rough climb up rock ledges. Only the strong and skilled need apply.

Typical look up the trail during the climb. The multiple rock ledges are very doable, but they never let up. March 29, 2003.

Update 2012.  Past the ridgeline (2.7 miles), the Red Mountain Trail enters the Red Mountain Wilderness Area, west of the cliffs above Snow Canyon. The area between the formal wilderness and high highway has been designated a separate "wilderness study area."  Only the first 0.9 miles of trail is open to bikes. A sign and step-over gate has been erected 0.9 from the trailhead saying "Wilderness Boundary" and the borders around this first bit of trail have been fenced. (Historical note: A court ruling in April 2003 held that users cannot be locked out simply by creating a "study area." But despite the court ruling, "wilderness study areas" are seeing same rules applied as actual wilderness. So keep your bike off this trail if you hope to avoid a ticket.) 
The trail climbs up to some nice views northward to the Pine Valley Mountains. At the ridgeline, you can look from the top of the fantastic sandstone cliffs of the west fork of Snow Canyon.

View northward towards the Pine Valley Mountains, from about half-way up the trail.

The foot trail extends along the ridge above Snow Canyon all the way to Ivins. Maps of the preserve area, including this trail, are available at the visitor's center in St. George.
Trail Notes:
0.0  Straight through the cattle guard
       N 37 16.787' W 113 39.168' Alt 4700
       Multiple forks, keep straight
0.2  Trail on R of circle
0.9  New "wilderness border"
       Stash bike and walk.
1.1  Trail levels off, intermittent sand
2.0  Sandy area
2.5  Stiff climb, switchback
2.7  Ridgetop, trail forks and descends
       N 37 15.436' W 113 40.425' Alt 5150
       Red Mountain Wilderness Border

Looking south from the ridge into Snow Canyon.

Getting there:  Drive north on Bluff Street in St. George. As you go straight through the Snow Canyon Parkway intersection, zero your odometer. Drive past Snow Canyon. Pass a cinder cone, Diamond Valley, and another cinder cone on your right. 11.2 miles from the stop light, spot a small dirt road and primitive parking on your left at GPS N 37 16.787' W 113 39.168'.

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