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Klondike Bluffs Area Trails

Klondike Bluffs has been a popular mountain bike destination for many years. But new non-motorized trails have been created on the tilted rock mesa north of Klondike bluffs to create many varied and satisfying ride possibilities. Climbing (or downhill) routes go southwest to northeast  and include (from south to north) Klondike, Baby Steps south, Little Salty, Baby Steps north, and Mega Steps. Traversing routes in the northwest-to-southeast direction are Copper Ridge Road, Dino Flow, and EKG. 

The upper part of Baby Steps south connects via UFO to Little Salty, Baby Steps north, then Mega Steps. At the bottom, the Copper Ridge dirt road joins all trails. About 1/2 mile up the mountain, EKG traverses from southern Dino Flow to Mega Steps, crossing Baby Steps south, Little Salty and Baby Steps north before ending on Mega Steps. Midway between the Copper Ridge Road and EKG is Dino Flow, an easier singletrack trail, extending from the Klondike road to Mega Steps.

Klondike Bluffs Trail

This is the old classic trail, which you'll share with jeeps and ATVs. From the upper parking, it's 9.6 miles round trip. At the Arches National Park border, you'll stash your bike for a half-mile walk to the Klondike Bluffs viewpoint. An alternate is to use Baby Steps for half of the trip and convert Klondike Bluffs to a loop ride rather than out-and-back.

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Baby Steps Loop Trail

Baby Steps is a bike-only route with slickrock climbing and dirt singletrack. It rejoins Klondike Bluffs for a tiny distance near the top of the hill before dropping off the other side. After heading north, it then climbs back over the ridge and descends to Copper Ridge Road. The top of Mega Steps and Little Salty connect to upper Baby Steps, allowing a combination of rides. The traditional Baby Steps loop is 14.8 miles.

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Mega Steps Trail

Mega Steps is a good alternate climbing route, or a great downhill. After climbing from Copper Ridge Road to the ridgeline, it traverses over to Baby Steps. It's 3.2 miles in length, and is the northernmost trail of the complex. A loop ride with Mega Steps and EKG will be 19 miles.

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Little Salty Trail

Little Salty is an alternate up- or downhill route. It extends 1.7 miles from the spot where Baby Steps climbs back over the ridge down to Copper Ridge Road. It splits the area between Baby Steps south and Baby Steps north. A loop up Baby Steps and down Little Salty will be around 13 miles

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EKG Trail

This trail traverses the slope between Baby Steps south and Mega Steps. It's 4.1 miles long, and the minimum ride using this trail will be over 11 miles. Many loop ride routes will use part, or all, of EKG for a portion of the return. As of 2012, the southern end of EKG now extends to Dino Flow near its beginning on the Klondike road.

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Dino Flow Trail

Dino Flow skirts the edge of the escarpment to provide a high-speed singletrack connection between the Klondike Bluffs road and Mega Steps. Dino Flow runs mid-way between (and parallel to) EKG and the Copper Ridge dirt road, transecting Baby Steps South, Salt Wash, Baby Steps North, Mega Steps, and ending at the Dinosaur Tracks parking area.

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Jasper and Agate Loops

These are easy and short interconnected singletrack loops west of Copper Ridge Road. The ride using Midline to the Jasper Loop is suitable for kids and true beginners. The northern trailhead is just west of the bottom of Mega Steps.

[ Agate-Jasper trail page ]


Trail begins at the intersection of EKG and Mega Steps. Heads northeast to the ridgeline, meeting Nome and Homer on the way. Curves around to end at the top of Mega Steps. Length 4 miles.

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Advanced-technical trail starts on Dino Flow, crosses Alaska while climbing further uphill and loops around to descend and end on lower Alaska. Length 2 miles.

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Up-and-down trail connects Dino Flow near the Dinosaur Tracks trailhead to the northern side of Alaska. It's a faster way up the mountain if you started from the Dino Tracks parking. Length 0.8 miles.

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High-speed smooth singletrack that extends from the southern end of the Jasper Loop down the west side of the valley to the Klondike Trail 3/4 mile from the southern parking. 3.2 miles.

[ Jurassic trail page ]

Inside Passage

Short (0.4 mile) trail offers fun singletrack to bypass the first section of the doubletrack (and moto-infested) Klondike Bluffs trail.

[ Inside Passage trail page ]

Miner's Loop

1.9-mile lariat loop forks uphill off the southern end of the EKG trail. Upper-intermediate to advanced technical.

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Chilkoot Pass

Short and very easy lariat loop trail for beginners at the far north end of Klondike. Forms a continuation of the northbound route of Jurassic, Jasper, then Agate to reach the northernmost trailhead on the Dinosaur Tracks road.

[ Chilkoot trail page ]

Azurite and Malachite

Extensions off Miner's Loop, connecting to Baby Steps uphill. Can be used for a longer Miner's Loop ride, or as a route to connect uphill.

[ Azurite/Malachite trail page ]

Sidestep (North and South), Instep

More-technical riding options off Baby Step South, can be used to extend or shortcut the classic ride, or as a nice technical loop in themselves.

[ Sidestep/Instep trail page ]

Getting there, main (southern) Klondike Bluffs trailhead: Starting at the Colorado River, drive 15 miles north from Moab. Look for a turnout with parking on the right and a sign for Klondike Bluffs Road. There will usually be cars parked there (GPS N 38° 44.452' W 109° 44.037'). For a longer ride, park here and ride up the road.  Most cyclists will choose to go through the gate and drive 2.7 miles. Keep left at the fork. At 2.8 miles, park your car in the broad parking area by the fence. Go eastbound across the cattleguard through the fence and begin your ride.

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Water: None
Toilet: Dinosaur Tracks parking
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Information: Moab visitor's center

Northern Klondike Trailheads:  On Highway 191 8.5 miles south of I-70 and 6.5 miles north of the southern Klondike Bluffs road (about 5 miles north of the airport), watch for a "Northern Klondike" sign at N38 49.504 W109 46.893. Turn east (toward the sandstone bluff). Keep to the right as the road winds south around a small hill. 1.2 miles from the highway as the road is heading east toward the bluff, the first parking zone is on your right. This is the Chilkoot Pass trailhead. Fork right on a fainter jeep road N38 49.103 W109 46.061, as the main road continues to the dinosaur tracks. At mile 1.6, you'll come to the trailhead for the Jasper and Agate loops (N38 49.087 W109 45.625) on your right. At 2.0 miles, you're at the bottom of Mega Steps at a larger parking area N38 49.179 W109 45.417.
Dinosaur Tracks TH:  At the road fork at mile 1.2, keep left on the main road toward the dinosaur tracks. About 1/2 mile further, turn to the right into the parking area. The Dino Flow trail is up against the mountain, to the left of the pit toilet.