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Utah's "Must-Ride" Classic Trails!
Picked by our editor, based on suggestions from you. 
Logan Area
Jardine JuniperHill-climb Classic! Singletrack climb from the Logan Canyon road up to Utah's oldest tree. Nice views, forested steady climb. Intermediate technical, significant climb. Season mid-May through September.
Stump Hollow. Shuttled downhill or out-and-back! This is a very nice buff singletrack out-and-back (loop ride is an option) with about 1500 feet of climbing over 5 miles. Near the top of Logan Canyon with top altitude 8500 feet. Season July through mid-October.
Ogden Area
365 Trail and North Fork Park System. Awesome newer trail system! 365 is an easy trail in North Fork Park, forms a loop with Pipeline trail. Can be linked to Mule Loop (see below). Also used for access to the awesome new directional Spork loop. Season May through November.
Brim Trail. Editor's Pick as a new Must-Ride!  Highly scenic 6-mile loop at 8600 feet at Powder Mountain Resort. Easy-intermediate technical, gentle climbing.  Season late June through September.
Mueller ParkEverybody hits this "Must-Ride Trail!" Classic singletrack climb from the edge of Bountiful to Rudy's Flat. Loop option through North Canyon. Lots of bikes on weekends. Intermediate technical, significant climb. Season late May through October.
Northern SkylineA Classic Singletrack Climb! Climb to the Ben Lomond Peak trail from the North Ogden Divide, descend into North Park in Ogden Valley. Road return loop. Intermediate technical singletrack, big climb. Season June through September.
Ogden Overlook and Sardine Peak. Great loop ride! Also known as Coldwater Canyon Overlook. Near Snowbasin resort, climbs 1100 feet, option 8-mile Sardine Peak loop with views over Snowbasin, Pineview, and Ogden. Season July through October.
Salt Lake City Area
19th Avenue and north SLC BSTA classic plus a new one-way trail!  Moderate climb on Bonneville Shoreline trail to reach this one-way downhill trail. Iintermediate technical. Season mid-April through November.
Ann's Trail and Corner CanyonLots of great riding here! Ann's is a six mile trail, part of 10-mile loop. Easier intermediate, minimum 1200 feet of climbing. Usually combined with Clarks and Bonneville Shoreline to form loop. May also be combined with Eagle Crest for loop. Season May through November.
Bobsled (BST). Expert-level classic downhill ride in the foothills! This is an insanely fun downhill rock 'n roll from the Bonneville Shoreline trail down to the avenues in Salt Lake. Season mid spring to late fall. Upper-intermediate technical, moderate climbing.
Dog Lake. (Big Water Trail)  Traditional Must-Ride! Classic canyon climb, suitable for newcomers, from upper Mill Creek Canyon to Dog Lake. Moderate climb on singletrack, intermediate technical, not too long. Forested switchbacks. Season July through September.
Little Cottonwood Creek Famous early season ride! Broad singletrack follows the old pipeline route along Little Cottonwood Creek, from the mouth of the canyon up to the ruins. Significant climb, but not too long. Intermediate technical with a few rough sections. Season May through November.
Mill Creek Pipeline Popular "Entry-level" Trail that has now been expanded! Singletrack follows the old pipeline route in Mill Creek, mostly flat riding with one section of switchbacks having about 600 ft altitude change. Goes to viewpoint overlooking SLC. Extended trail now also goes up to Big Water. Suitable for newcomers, easy to intermediate technical. Season March through November.
Rush Flow Trail. The classic flow trail in Corner Canyon! One-way singletrack descending route from the top of Traverse Ridge (upper Clark's trailhead). "Bicycle preferred" traffic. Connects to Canyon Hollow near Silica Pit at bottom. Season May through November. 
Wasatch Crest Trail SLC's Most Famous! Classic ride from the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon down into Mill Creek Canyon. Initial brutal climb to reach the crest, then a long downhill cruise. Intermediate technical with one short (walkable) section of extreme technical and a few short advanced technical stretches. Requires shuttle vehicle. Season July through September.
Utah Valley Area
Big Spring HollowAn easier, shorter Classic! Short-but-sweet singletrack loop in the South Fork of Provo Canyon. Meadows, forested riding, a few views of the mountains. Mild climbing, low-intermediate technical. Season May through October.
Blackhawk Loop TrailA long-standing classic, but it's seen better days!  Singletrack loop in Payson Canyon rides the Nebo Loop area. Aspen and pine, occasional views. Includes Rock Springs Trail. Longer ride with moderate climbing, intermediate technical. Shorter loop options available. Extensively damaged by fire in recent years. Season June through September.
Deer Creek South ForkGreat Alpine Loop! Singletrack loop at the Alpine Loop Summit includes a section of Ridge 157, then rolls down to the Cascade Springs road and back up to the summit. Moderate climbing, intermediate technical. Forest and views. Season June through September.
Lambert Park (Alpine). Still worthwhile!  This was Utah's first city-sponsored mountain bike trail system and is still popular for learners and off-season riders. 11 miles of singletrack loops on Alpine City land at the base of East Mountain. Views of Lone Peak and Dry Creek Canyon. Upper-intermediate technical, some loops involve a bit of climbing. Season March through early December.
Three Forks Loop (Diamond Fork). Must-Ride Classic!  In Diamond Fork, this loop uses Cottonwood Creek's singletrack to climb, links via paved road, then drops into Fifth Water to descend on singletrack. Intermediate technical, moderate climb. Season May through September.
Tibble ForkKick-butt downhill Classic! Awesome singletrack downhill from the middle of the Ridge 157 trail to Tibble Fork Reservoir. Shuttle, or do a few miles on pavement to reach a trail that climbs to Ridge 157. Advanced-intermediate technical, significant climb without shuttle. Season June through September.
Valley Vista (Pleasant Grove). Great place to learn! Series of interconnected loops in the foothills of Pleasant Grove, reached via the Murdock Canal Trail. Season March through November.
Vertigo, Zooropa, Levitate south-side Maple Hollow system. Popular system on Traverse Mountain's south side. One-way downhill flow trails from Eagle Crest to the bottom of South Maple Hollow. Shuttle or loop rides. Intermediate. Season May through November.
Park City Area
Bobs Basin Trail System. A Must-Ride! Four DH-only trails: Dropout, Team Cutthroat, Ant Farm and Crazy 8's dropping off 24-7 with an uphill route Fink Again. Do them until you're dizzy. Access via Jeremy Ranch, Graduate, Bad Apple, or Glenwild trailheads.
Deer ValleyA Lift-served "Must-Ride!" Lift-served trails in Deer Valley Resort. Variety of singletrack of differing difficulty, some doubletrack. Some trails offer upper-advanced level technical with stunt opportunities. Connections to other Park City area trails. Season July through September.
Mid Mountain TrailA Unique Classic! Long singletrack countours 8000-foot mark above Park City after initial climb. Intermediate technical, moderate climb, long ride. Season mid-June through September.
Tour des SudsLong-standing Famous Classic Ride!  Famous Park City uphill route features loop north through Park City trails, or southward loop to descend through Deer Valley. Forested ride, moderate climbing, upper-intermediate technical. Season June through September.
Town LoopClassic taste of Park City's best! Nice forested loop ride in Park City, includes Sweeney Switchbacks, John's Trail, and Gravedigger. Upper-intermediate technical, moderate climbing. Season June through September.
Heber Area
Coyote Canyon TrailsEditor's Pick! Epic loop with 20 and 24-mile options. Substantial climbing. Terrific views. Top altitude 7550. For conditioned riders. Completed in 2013, this ride is destined to be a classic.  Season June through September.

Strawberry Narrows. Must-Ride Trail! This is a high-voltage scenic ride. To do the whole thing as an out-and-back is 24 miles, but there's a nice 16-miler from the eastern end that hits all the stuff you want to ride. We suggest starting at the eastern end, riding what you want, then turning back. The trail rolls up and down, for about 2400 total climbing for the whole 24 miles.
Moab Area
Porcupine Rim. The Biggest, Baddest Downhill! Moab's premiere downhill. Moderate climb to the Rim, then a long technical descent. Suitable for DH bikes, can be handled with a hardtail. Cliff-side exposure. Advanced technical. Season March through November.
Slickrock TrailWorld-famous! World's most famous bike trail, one mile east of Moab on Navajo sandstone. Practice Loop for new riders. Advanced technical, strenuous with moderate long climbs and some short brute climbs. Season late February through November.
White Rim TrailMulti-day Classic! 4-wheel drive road through Canyonlands National Park forms a 100-mile loop for multi-day rides. Hammerheads do a brutal one-day version. Permit required to camp. Significant climbing, easier technical. Year-round.
Vernal Area
Flume Trail. Beautiful, fun riding! This ride, in Vernal's Dry Fork Canyon, offers options for short or long, tech or easy. The epic out-and-back is 20 miles with 1600 feet of climbing. June through October.
Retail Sale. The heart of McCoy Flat's system. The Retail Sale loop is the oldest and classic loop in the flats west of Vernal. Ride it alone, or detour onto the more technical add-ons. Mid-April through November.
Price and San Rafael Area

Good Water Rim  Editor's Pick!  Absolutely fabulous 15-mile singletrack in the San Rafael 40 miles south of Price. Loop w dirt road 21 miles. Killer views. One of Utah's best rides.   Season late May through October.
Southern Plateau Area
Bunker CreekDownhill Cruiser Classic! Downhill from Brian Head peak towards Panguitch Lake. Shuttle available. Intermediate technical. Views galore. Season June through mid-September.
Dark HollowDownhill, "Take Two!" Downhill from Brian Head peak, towards Parowan. Shuttle available. Upper-intermediate technical. Forest riding after initial views. Season June through mid-September.
Thunder MountainEditor's Pick Classic! Red-rock singletrack near Bryce Canyon. Great views, interesting terrain. Intermediate technical with some areas of advanced. As a downhill with shuttle, occasional climbing. As an up-and-back, a significant climb. Season mid-April through October.
St. George Area
Bearclaw PoppySt. George's Longstanding Great Desert Ride! Singletrack winds around the mesa from Green Valley to Bloomington. Famous Three Fingers of Death, acid drops with Clavicle Hill, and Roller Coaster. Easier technical with some short "walkable" sections of advanced technical. Light climb. Season year-round.
Gooseberry MesaRock 'n Roll Rock and Singletrack! Fantastic riding area on a mesa southwest of Zion National Park. Singletrack and slickrock, stunts, fun technical stuff. Advanced technical. Only brief sprint-type climbs. Season February through mid-December.