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Hurricane Elementary Trails
"Cat Trails" - Lynx, Wildcat, Bobcat

The trails near Hurricane Elementary School will be of little interest to riders from out of town. In 2022 the trails are very short, interrupted by activity on private property, and infested with puncture vine (goatheads). I include them on this website only in case a mountain biker has heard of them and is looking for information.

Looking northwest toward the Pine Valley Mountains. Review by Bruce November 12, 2022. 

Access to the trails

There's a strip of roadside parking -- often used by parents who are waiting for children -- opposite the entrance to the school on 325 North (reached via 870 West). A broad path heads south downhill, with separate entrances on the right-hand side to the easier Lynx trail then the expert Wildcat trail.

Roadside parking. The trail entry is between the mesquite bushes, heading south and downhill.

The trails

The Lynx trail is 0.2 miles long, starting and ending on the road that curves around the southwest (front) side of the school. It's an easy ride, with a wide corridor and almost all of the rock removed. When it rejoins the road, posted private property is straight ahead.

The Wildcat trail is a winding rough trail with lots of embedded rock. It's 0.3 miles long. Wildcat is an exert-level trail, but rides somewhat easier in the downhill (north to south) direction. The top of Wildcat enters the Bobcat loop once it crosses into the private property.

View on the Wildcat trail. It's rather bumpy.

The Bobcat Loop starts from the northern end of the Wildcat trail. It's an easy 0.5 mile ride. Unfortunately the northeast corner of the loop had a full zoo of farm animals in a corral area -- chickens, piglets, horses plus various stored vehicles -- overlying and erasing that part of the loop. If you meander through the area, you can find the continuing loop.

Across 600 North are the doubletrack Cinder Knoll and 600 North trails. These short broad cindered paths are signed for hiking and horses (not bikes) so I have not included them here. If you're interested, there are a couple of jump lines at the modest Hurricane Bike Park just down the road at 600 North 200 West.

Looking toward the "corral" area at the north end of the Bobcat loop. Note the lovingly-placed rockwork.

One problem here may be a deal-breaker for you. Goathead vines were everywhere. Thorns were entering my tires constantly, with short hisses and drops of flying sealant. In one mile of riding, I lost 20 pounds of pressure in the front tire and 10 in the back from the multiple goathead thorns.

Bottom Line:
It's obvious that a lot of work was put into creating these trails. But at this time, I can't recommend that you -- probably an out-of-towner -- spend your time here.

Returning to the car -- with squishy tires -- on the Wildcat trail.

Getting there:

From State Street (Highway 9) in Hurricane, turn north on 200 West. Drive up to 600 North and turn left. (The jump line of the bike park will be on your right about 100 yards after the turn.) At 870 West, turn left (south and downhill), then turn left again just past the school at 325 South. After 100 yards, find a spot to park in the broad cindered area on the left (downhill) side of the road. Find the broad path through the mesquite just as the road begins to turn.

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