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Bruce in 2005, up near the top of Eagles in the Tabegauche trail area.
Bruce in 2005, up near the top of Eagles in the Tabegauche trail area.
Bruce's secret...
Fruita, Colorado
(Not in Utah) Web Page
Fruita is Not in Utah. So this is not an Official Page of UtahMountainBiking.com. Yes, we could assemble all the heavily-armed pickup trucks from Delta and Fillmore and forcibly move the Colorado border a few miles to the east. But then Fruita would have 3.2% beer, like Utah. So what the hell.
Fruita is about 75 miles down I-70 from the 191 exit to Moab. So you can get there with about an hour's extra travel time. But you'll be Not in Utah.
We rode the Kokopelli, Book Cliffs, and Tabegauche area trails. My favorite is the Kokopelli area west of town. If you're planning to go to Fruita, I must remind you it's Not in Utah, so you won't find any useful information on this web site.
Matt and Chad take a break overlooking the Colorado on Horsethief Bench in the K...
Matt and Chad take a break overlooking the Colorado on Horsethief Bench in the Kokopelli group of trails.
Map of Kokopelli riding area
Kokopelli Trails
This is THE place to go in Fruita, located west of town on the Colorado River, but Not in Utah. The heart of the trail system is Mary's Loop, from which you can veer off onto Rustler's Loop, Horsethief Bench, and Steve's with Handcuffs. Moore Fun offers a technical return option. At the northwest end, your after-lunch ride will be Lions Loop with Mack Ridge and Troy Built. The return route along the freeway is doubletrack, otherwise it's all fun singletrack, with just a smattering of tech stuff thrown in. Great views of the Colorado River.

  GPX track files for Kokopelli Area Trails

From Fruita head west on I-70 to the Loma exit. Turn south onto the frontage road and veer right into the parking area.
Book Cliff Trails
These are famous trails northeast of Fruita (which is Not in Utah), designated "fast flowing singletrack." It's fun and swoopy. Many riders absolutely LOVE this. Frankly, I wasn't thrilled. It's worth an afternoon if you've already been to the Kokopelli area. Nice riding, but no inspiring views, nothing challenging. These trails are great confidence builders for intermediate riders, and you can put in a lot of miles without blowing up.
GPX track files for the Book Cliffs trails
As you pass to the north side of I-70, go straight through the light and about 3 blocks north until you hit a T intersection by the medical center. Turn right and proceed about 1/2 mile. Turn left on Maple (which becomes 17-1/2 Road) for 3.8 miles, then right on 3/10 Road, then left at the T onto 18 Road. Stay generally left on the main road 4.3 miles to the parking area.
Map of book cliff riding area
Tabegauche Trails area map
Tabegauche Trails
These trails are also called the Lunch Loops. They're right across the river from southwest Grand Junction (which is also Not in Utah) just a few miles east of Fruita. These trails offer some technical riding. Holy Cross is especially fun. Eagles Wing was awesome. There's significant climbing on the singletrack, with some nice views. It's decent stuff, and worth staying an extra day in Fruita to do.
GPX tracks for Tabegauche Trails
From Fruita, go east on 340 (the road I-70 exits onto), almost into Grand Junction. Turn R on Monument Road and drive 2 miles tothe trail parking area.
Yes, this information is very sketchy. But then, Fruita is Not in Utah. And this is UtahMountainBiking.com. If you want to know more, buy yourself a trail book for the Fruita area.

There are some trails in the Fruita area that actually ARE in Utah:  Westwater Rim and the Colorado Western Rim . Haven't done the Zion Curtain yet. But I'll get to it eventually, even though part of that ride is Not in Utah.

See you in Fruita. I'll be the guy wearing the nose-and-mustache fake-glasses disguise and the generic biking jersey. Because after all, Fruita is Not in Utah.